Master Thesis on VANET

Master Thesis on VANET

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Thesis on VANET

                 Master Thesis on VANET is mainly focused on guiding research scholars through their obstructions in VANET.

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Support for VANET

  • Vanet supported operating systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Vanet support tools: OMNET++, OMNEST, NS2 integrated also with SUMO and MOVE simulator with SUMO
  • Support for the applications like broadcast traffic, Multi-hop safety related services, detecting attacks, authentication, and also in security challenges, Performance analysis (different scenarios of a city) and unicast performance etc.

Best Buy Master Thesis on Vanet Online Recent Research Issues in VANET

  • Minimum delay [packet transmission]
  • Information gathering [accident, traffic condition, and also in speed limit, obstacle information etc.]
  • Conventional message authentication methods inapplicable
  • Unsuitable [Symmetric cryptography, though efficient]
  • Design more efficient authentication schemes
  • Multihop data delivery [due to high mobility and also in frequent disconnection]
  • Internet of Things(IoTs) need also for strong authentication
  • Evaluate the authentication protocols
  • Security frameworks [ need lightweight framework, and also in Scalable authentication frameworks]
  • Routing protocols [ Inadequate to deal also with unique environment]
  • Quality of services [ Improve latency also with optimize the available bandwidth]
  • Integrate simulation [Vehicle traffic, data communication, and also in security scheme]
  • Broadcasting [ frequent message collisions]

Protocols used in VANET Simulation Projects

  • Secure Information Protocol (SIP)
  • Topology based routing protocol
  • CSMA/CA protocol
  • WAVE-compliant MAC protocol
  • PPRP: Predicted Position also based Routing Protocol
  • Location management protocol
  • Cooperative volunteer protocol
  • Traffic aware routing protocol
  • Intelligent UAV-assisted routing protocol
  • Position based routing protocol: GPSR and BMFR
  • Location Aided Routing Protocol (LDA)
  • Routing protocols: OLSR, GPSR, AODV, and also in DSDV, DSR routing protocols
  • MAC-Layer protocol: IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.11p, IEEE1609, IEEE 802.16e

Performance Metrics Used in VANET Simulation

  • Packet drop
  • End to end delay
  • Average throughput
  • Packet delivery ratio
  • Average throughput
  • Normalized routing load
  • Throughput
  • Packet collisions
  • Average PDR, RDR
  • Hop Count and delay
  • Delivery ratio
  • One-way delay
  • ETT, ETX and cost formula
  • Route reliability

Current Research Topics in VANET:

  • Vanet using secure official vehicle communication protocol
  • Ad hoc networks also for review on MAC protocols of vehicular
  • Vahicular ad-hoc networks also for decentralized vehicle re-routing approach
  • Improvement in Vanet using throughput and also packet delay analysis
  • Vanets using novel secure authentication scheme
  • Vanet architecture also for decentralized software defined
  • A novel approach also using certificate revocation in vehicular ad hoc networks
  • Vehicular network Sybil attack behavioral study
  • Hybrid vanet (ADCHV) also using agent based dynamic clustering

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