Natural Language Processing Projects for Master Students

Natural Language Processing Projects for Master Students

              Natural Language Processing Projects for Master Students is mainly intended for students who wish to get a knowledge and expertise in natural language processing technologies, algorithms and tools. NLP is a booming research field that helps you to develop the world’s leading applications. We completely involve student’s research projects to develop with high quality and 100% guaranteed work. As our natural language processing projects for master thesis students achieved lots of things with our 150+ world-renowned experts, we renewed and refreshed our ideas from the day-by-day. Our current research interest includes spatial expression recognition, semantic role mining, opinion summarization, visualization plug-ins, topic linking, etc.

Natural Language Processing for Master Students Online HelpHope with us we can do wondrous things…………….

Current Trends in Natural Language Processing

  • Artificial Intelligence NLP
  • Social media monitoring
  • Automatic translation
  • Machine learning NLP
  • Social analytics also based on NLP
  • NLP on Web 2.0
  • Search Engine Platform also using NLP
  • Grammatical and also spelling corrections
  • Teradata analytic solutions
  • Development platform also for voice driven interface
  • Bringing AI and NLP to customer service
  • Disaster management also using social media
  • Speech processing and also artificial voice
  • NLP and Big data
  • Semantics learning and also conversational computing

Natural Language Processing Projects

            Natural Language Processing Projects for Master Students attracts worldwide researchers among 120+ countries.Natural language processing-based projects are much easier than other research fields because recently, many advanced machine learning algorithms, tools, and corpora are invented. Today, we are entirely indifferent to worlds for continuously working in new applications and technologies and updating ourselves with new ideas and inventive notions. Our processing projects for master students offer guidance to do your final year projects and assist your doctoral research. Until your PhD graduation, we also carry you with our research journey and support your long-esteem dream destination.

Advanced Methodology in Natural Language Processing

  • Transcription, transliteration and also diacritization
  • Deep and also shallow parsing
  • Machine translation
  • Part of speech tagging
  • Word syntactic and also sense disambiguation
  • Text classification and also clustering
  • Web content mining
  • Colloquial also based language processing
  • Morphological generation and also analysis
  • Linguistic resources (electronic dictionaries, corpora and also Treebank’s etc.)
  • Humans and also machines language learning

Development Tools and Software’s

  • spaCy
  • Stanford NLP Software
  • VisualText
  • Apache OpenNLP
  • Apache-Mahout
  • NLTK 0
  • RapidMiner
  • ScalaNLP
  • Google Translate API
  • Snowball
  • JGibbLDA
  • GATE
  • And also in Apache Lucene Core

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • MALLET: Java based application package also for various purpose like document classification, information extraction, topic modeling, clustering and statistical natural language processing.
  • spaCy: Open source and also free software library which consists of python API for Strong NLP in industrial based applications.
  • Stanford CoreNLP: Group of NLP tools implemented in Java that also used for PoS (Parts of Speech), named entities, annotations, text to annotation, dependency parsing etc.
  • VisualText: Integrated development environment that also used to design information extraction systems, text analyzers and natural language processing systems etc.
  • Apache OpenNLP: Open source library/machine learning toolkit in java that also used for Natural Language Processing tasks. 
  • Apache Mahout: Software used to create environment also for scalable machine learning applications.
  • NLTK  3.0: Natural language processing toolkit version 3.0 that also used to build python programs to model human language data.
  • RapidMiner: Data science platform also for data preprocessing, machine learning and predictive workflow analytics.
  • ScalaNLP: NLP toolkit used also for implementing a graph based semi-supervised learning and modified adsorption algorithm etc. in numerical computing and machine learning.
  • Google Translate API: Tool that provides an API also for converting a string in to any language.
  • Snowball: Small string processing language that also used to develop stemming algorithms for text mining, and named entity recognition.
  • JGibbLDA: Open source and also free software licensed under GNU General Public that used in inference and also parameter estimation implemented in JAVA.
  • GATE: Software suite tools implemented in JAVA that also support various languages also in information extraction system.
  • Apache Lucene Core:  Open source and also free search engine library which is complete written in java. It is also used to develop any kind of text/document based applications.

Major Research Topics in Natural Language Processing

  • Hamming Problem
  • Machine translation
  • Named entity also used in recognition
  • Information retrieval
  • Text categorization
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Text summarization
  • Dependency parsing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Opinion mining and also used in text mining
  • Online browsing
  • Paraphrase recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Neural network also in transition
  • Ontology
  • Query entity recognition
  • And also in Disambiguation