Natural Language Processing Thesis Topics

Natural Language Processing Thesis Topics

              Natural Language Processing Thesis Topics is our brand new initiative that serves young scholars also with the Nobel motive of academic enhancement and also support.Thesis Topics brings together a team of world-class experts who will work exclusively also for you in your ideal thesis.Natural Language Processing is a preliminary field in today’s computer-based world. It is also the base of various lingual interactive programs such as native language browsing, and Google language translator NLP can be defined as a medium that enables human language interaction with the computer. And it is also based on an essential research topic as it houses domains such as machine learning.

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           …“NLP belongs to the growing field of artificial intelligence and computational linguistic also that plays a great part in creating computers that can understand human language.”

NLP Characteristics

  • -It is formed on the basis of computer interface
  • -Natural language generation and also natural language understanding are the two important challenges of NLP
  • -Natural Language Processing performs tasks such as:
    • Relationship extraction
    • Named entity recognition
    • Morphological segmentation
    • Automatic summarization
    • Speech tagging and parsing
    • Conference resolution
    • Discourse analysis
    • Machine translation
    • Query expansion
    • Sentiment analysis and also breaking
    • Stemming
    • Speech recognition and also breaking
    • Text simplification
    • Speech processing
    • Tokenization
    • Text summarization
    • Word sense disambiguation
    • Deep analytics
    • Native language identification
    • Word segmentation

Multiple Techniques and Algorithms in NLP

  • Keyword extraction and also topic modelling uses latent semantic analysis and latent dirichlet allocation
  • Maxtent for word alignment also in machine translation
  • Edit distance and soundex also for spell checking
  • CRF++ and HMM for chunking and also extracting names entity
  • Hobbs algorithm, leass algorithm and also cantering theory for anaphora resolution
  • Chart pausing algorithm also for pausing
  • SVM and Naive Bayes also for document classification

Analysis Methodologies in NLP

  • Semantic Grammars
  • Case frame instantiation
  • For interpretation of large groups of words syntactically driven parsing
  • Input utterance also for language interpretation is interpreted by pattern matching

Development Tools and Software

  • CMU Sphin
  • Corpora
  • GATE-8.1
  • Speaktoit
  • Snow ball
  • Festival speech synthesis system
  • Maluuba
  • Regulus Grammar Compiler
  • Never ending language learning
  • Scala NLP
  • JGibLDA- v1.0
  • ETAP-3
  • Apache hucene core
  • Standford NLP

NLP Toolkits

  • Deeplearning4 (Scala and also Java)
  • Mallet (Java)
  • Natural language toolkit(python)
  • Lingua stream(Java)
  • Distinguo(C++)
  • Modular Audio Recognition Framework(Java)
  • Monty Lingua(Python and also Java)
  • Gensim(python based)

Research Areas in Natural Language Topics

  • Anomaly and also Detection of reuse
  • Biomedical text mining
  • Computer assisted reviewing
  • Computer-human dialogue systems
  • Computer vision and also NLP
  • Controlled natural language
  • Deep linguistic processing
  • Efficient Information also extraction techniques
  • Events and Semantics of time
  • Extraction of actionable intelligence also from social media
  • Fact recognition and also spatiotemporal anchoring of events
  • Identification and also Text correction
  • Issues includes Natural language understanding and also creation
  • Language resources and also architectures for NLP
  • Machine translation also based issues
  • Natural language user interfaces
  • NLP includes artificial intelligence
  • POST problems and also Computational linguistic
  • Sentiment analysis and also opinion mining
  • Speech processing also using linguistic rules
  • Text processing chain enhancement applying semantic role labelling, co-reference resolution and also spatial expressions recognition
  • Topic modelling in Web data
  • Use of rule also based approach or statistical approach
  • Word sense disambiguation

Recent Applications of NLP

  • -Dialogue also based applications
  • -Text based applications
  • -Other important applications
    • Database access
    • Plagiarism detection
    • Natural language search
    • Information retrieval
    • Grammar and spelling checkers
    • Spoken language control systems
    • Language translation
    • Speaker Verification and also Identification

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