Network Engineering Projects in Ns2

Network Engineering Projects in Ns2

               Network Engineering Projects in Ns2 provide you latest and innovative ideas to enhance your career more brightly.It is one of the key network domains among researchers and students. And also, We have completed nearly 5000+ Network Engineering Projects till now. We also have world-class developers who dedicated themselves to research and doing Ns2 projects enthusiastically for research scholars and students. We provide support through our 120+ branches also for our clients worldwide

We also tie-up with a large number of universities and colleges to provide better guidance for students in research. We have also faced many issues during Ns2 project development, and also we provide guaranteed solutions immediately for providing innovative guidance to our customers. We have qualities like potentials (high-end projects), punctuality (on-time delivery), flexibility (assist you anytime), and also dignity.

Online Network Engineering Projects in NS2 Network Engineering Projects

               Network Engineering Projects in Ns2 offer you creative platform to build your project fruitfully.Apart from the Ns2 simulator, we are working on the entire network simulator like Ns3, OMNET++, OPNET, MANET, etc. We also focused on the latest integrated tools working with network simulator, which helps us fulfill user needs. We have also used many latest network protocols to implement in Ns2 to get better outcomes. This is the only reason we have received positive feedback from our customers worldwide.  We stand up with unique ideas and the latest technology that helps us increase our popularity day by day.

Let’s see few major features of Ns2 and major protocols in Ns2 for your review,

Major Features of Ns2:

  • It is written in TCL scripting language and also C++
  • Supports Unix like windows and also systems
  • Which is object oriented in nature, also Open source simulator
  • OTCL in Ns2 adds object oriented concept to TCL
  • Discrete event driven network simulator which is an object oriented
  • Separates control path implementations also from the data path implementation
  • Used C++ for compiling to reduce packet and also event processing time
  • Initiate the event scheduler also using OTcl

We Support the Following in Ns2:

  • Misc [Radio propagation model, also mobility models]
  • Traffic models [Web, CBR, also VBR]
  • Topology generation tools
  • Error models [Bursty, Uniform etc.]
  • Visualization tools [NAM] and also trace file [.tr for performance evaluation]
  • Protocol support [UDP, MAC protocols, HTTP, TCP, also Routing protocols]
  • RED, drop-tail, queuing disciplines etc.
  • Traffic sources like ftp, telnet, also cbr etc.
  • Routing like Hierarchical routing, Unicast and also Multicast etc.

Basic Structure of Ns2:

  • Back-end support [C++ Event scheduler]-Fast to run and also have more control
  • In maintains a list of events and also executes it one after the other
  • Front-end support [OTCL-Creates scenarios, extension also to C++ protocols and it is fast to write and also change]
  • No locking or also race conditions [Single thread of control]

Platform Support for Ns2:

  • Windows [cygwin supported OS]
  • Ubuntu
  • Unix Systems [Solaris, Linux, also FreeBSd]
  • Fedora 12
  • RedHat 9.0, 5.3
  • Cent OS
  • And also Mac OS X Mavericks

Protocol Support for Ns2:

  • Logic link control layer [IEEE 802.2, AR]
  • Network Layer [Routing agent]
  • Interface queue [Priority queue, FIFO queue, also Drop tail queue]
  • Transport layer [Traffic agent-TCP and UDP]
  • Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV)
  • Dynamic Source Routing (DSR)
  • Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV)
  • Optimized Link State Routing (also in OLSR)
  • GO-Back-N ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) Protocol

Implementation of Ns2:

  • Scripting language [TCL and OTCL [Object oriented extension of TCL]]
  • Source code implementation [C++]
  • Protocol implementation
  • Linux TCP implementation

Basic Steps in Ns2:

  • Define problem [Specify simulation, also  in generate traces]
  • Determine the simulation and also design simulation scenario
  • Build NS2 script using TCL
  • Run the simulation also by using $ns filename .tcl
  • Post-process results [Analyze trace output also with awk, etc.]


        We also believe that the aforesaid information is adequate to get crisp knowledge about Network Engineering. If you also require any further information, let us know. We are also ready to serve your betterment at any time, anywhere, and any day.

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