Network Engineering Projects in Ns3

Network Engineering Projects in Ns3

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Online Network Engineering Projects in NS3 Projects in Ns3

    Network Engineering Projects in Ns3 offer you plenty of innovative concepts to take and shine your research career successfully. Ns3 is the powerful network simulation tool which eradicated Ns2 drawbacks to provide better visualization result for researchers and students. We also provide various services (online and offline) for our customer’s convenience in research. We also conducted 50+ workshops worldwide, and many students and researchers have benefited from our innovative concepts. Let’s see some of the important features and language support in Ns3 for your reference

Important Features in Ns3

  • The integration also with real networks alsousing emulation mode
  • New feature having code execution environment which is not available in NS2
  • Operating system supports like windows visual support also with Cygwin, FreeBSD, Linux system
  • Under the license category of GNU GPLv2 license
  • Live simulation visualizer like NS-3 PyViz
  • In real systems also using low level of abstraction for better performance
  • Consolidate shared functionality into a single class
  • Support for IEEE 802.22g in WiFi module
  • Specifically, rates also with modulation class ERP-OFDM)
  • Energy support also for Li-lon energy model and also UAN module

Important Language Used in Ns3

  • Both Python and C++ script implemented also in NS3 with help of optional Python binding
  • There is a limited support for Python in scripting and also visualization
  • NS3 employs python also based real-time visualization package (PyViz)
  • In C++ objects using C++ library to provide network simulation models. C++ knowledge alone to do NS3 project
  • C++-11 features supported (ns-3.26)
  • We also require at least gcc-4.9 instead of gcc-4.8 (ns-3.27)
  • A simulation script can also be written as a C++ program
If you can get an idea about the networking packets, let’s know NS3 packets (base of NS3 simulator). It consists of
  • Tags: It is data structure which provide also by user. optionally a collection of small tags containing meta-data
  • Buffer: Bit by bit representation also for refers to headers and trailers. A packet consists of a single buffer of bytes.
  • Metadata: Used headers and also trailers type description. Information is added to the packet by using subclass

      NS3 simulator is used in a large number of major areas, which is one of the best simulators used today. It eradicated the drawbacks which are available in NS2. Many research scholars and students can use it for their research purpose as it is easy to implement for beginners who wish to shine.

Let’s see some of few areas that we have mentioned below for your review,
  • Cognitive radio network
  • Wireless body area network
  • Social sensor network
  • Device to device communication
  • Information security
  • IPv4 / Ipv6
  • Mobile Ad hoc network
  • Medical science
  • Space environment
  • Vehicular ad hoc networks
  • Heterogeneous wireless network
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Health monitoring
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Mobile ad hoc networks

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