Network Research Projects in Ns2

Network Research Projects in Ns2

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Research Network Research Projects in NS2 Online Research Projects in Ns2

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Let’s see some of the important research topics and routing protocols in Ns2 for your review,

Layers of Ns2

  • Application layer: Multimedia, HTTP, Telnet, FTP, and also in Exponential traffic etc.
  • Transport layer: UDP, TCP (Reno, SACK, NewReno, and also in Vegas)
  • Network layer: Ad hoc routing (AODV, OLSR, DSR), and also wired routing (RIP) etc.
  • MAC layer: Bluetooth, 802.12(WIMAX), and also 802.15.4, 802.11(WIFI) etc.
  • Link layer: Arp, HDLC, GAF, and also MPLS, CSMA etc.
  • Physical layer: TwoWay, Shadowing, and also EnergyModel etc.

Routing Protocols in Ns2

  • Table driven routing protocols
  • DSDV [Dynamic Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector Routing Protocol]
  • Global state routing [GSP]
  • Fisheye state routing [FSR]
  • Hierarchical state routing [HSR]
  • Zone-based Hierarchical Link State Routing Protocol
  • Clusterhead Gateway Switch Routing Protocol [CGSR]
  • On-Demand Routing Protocols
  • Cluster Based Routing Protocols [CBRP]
  • Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing [AODV]
  • Dynamic Source Routing Protocol [DSR]
  • Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm [TORA]
  • Associativity Based Routing [ABR]
  • And also in Signal Stability Routing [SSR]

Routing Protocols Used for Multicast Distribution in Ns2

  • IGMP-Internet Group Management Protocol
  • PIM-Protocol Independent Multicast
  • DVMRP-Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
  • MOSPF-Multicast Open Shortest Path First
  • MBGP-Multicast BGP
  • MSDP-Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
  • MLD-Multicast Listener Discovery
  • GMRP-GARP Multicast Registration Protocol

Queuing Algorithms

  • Drop Tail
  • Fair Queuing
  • Deficit round robin
  • Random early detection
  • Also Stochastic fair queuing

Wired Networking Supporting Protocols in Ns2

  • Routing: Unicast, Multicast and also Hierarchical routing etc.
  • Transportation: TCP, UDP, and also Others
  • Traffic Sources: web, ftp, and also telnet, cbr, etc.
  • Queuing disciplines: Drop-tail, and also in RED etc.

Wireless Networking Supporting Protocols in Ns2


Basic Steps and Running an OTCL

  • Command used for run the script:

                     -ns script-file.tcl [parameters]

  • Initialize the scheduler
  • Define the simulation parameters (e.g. Start time)
  • Build the network topology
  • Generate the traffic load
  • Define the protocol also used by each node

Current Research Topics

  • Model-based systems engineering and also simulation based development using experiment able digital twins
  • Team communication research for review and also analysis of software development
  • Eskom also for review of the residential customer load modelling
  • An online training environment also for supporting real time decision making under stress
  • Case study for energy efficient networked computing architectures research challenges also in fog
  • A future projection on waveform, numerology & also frame design principles in flexible radio access beyond 5G

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