Network Simulator Master Thesis in China

Network Simulator Master Thesis in China

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Simulator Master Thesis in China

  Network Simulator Master Thesis in China provide extremely structured thesis for you with our high level technocrat and intelligence ideas. Ns2 is an event driven packet network simulator which is widely used in routing simulation and multicast protocols to support vast popular network protocols & offer simulation result for wired and wireless networks.

By desirable quality of its open source model, it is trendy in network and academic research for its flexibility and adaptability which is highly also used in Ad Hoc networking research. Ns2 is written in C++ as backend with an OTcl interpreter as frontend. It support complied class hierarchy in C++ and interpreted class hierarchy within OTcl interpreter. Now, we also speak about most resent research areas for your clearance and ideas.

High-Tech Research Areas

  • Large Scale Sensor Networks
  • Water Sensor Networks
  • Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
  • Wireless-Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Mobile-Based Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Multi-Hop Cellular Networks
  • Multi Hop Wireless Networks
  • Network attacks and Security
  • Cognitive Under Relay Networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • LEO Satellite Networks
  • VSN and WBAN
  • Mobil Cloud computing
  • Video Streaming

 We also previously denoted very few range of network domains. From this above list, we discuss about Wireless Sensor Networks also for your better reference.

Wireless sensor network is a distributed and also self-directed sensor to helpfully monitor environmental conditions namely sound, pressure, temperature, also vibration, pollutants or motion which is targeted by military based application for theatre of war surveillance.

In below, we provide unique characteristics of wireless sensor networks for you.
  • Nodes Mobility
  • Limited Energy (Store and also Harvest)
  • Capability to survive harsh ecological condition
  • Dynamic and energetic Network Topology
  • Diversification of Nodes
  • Capability to survive with failures of nodes
  • Large scale operation
  • Neglected operation
  • Communiqué breakdown
  • Scalability of node capacity


  We also hope that you get simple ideas about network simulator (Ns2) and recent research areas from this page. If you need more tutorials and also guidance for you academic or intelligence research, you make contact with us using phone or mail. We also always ready to give our well guidance and also complete support for your grand research.

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