Network Simulator Master Thesis in Greece

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Greece

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Simulator Master Thesis in Greece

           Network Simulator Master Thesis in Greece is our miraculous brainy service to provide excellently patterned thesis also for you with our world class certified professional’s creative knowledge. It is also an open source network simulation tool written in OTcl (Interpreted Hierarchy) and also C++ (Compiled Hierarchy) which is used to simulate different kinds of wired and also wireless networks (Local and Wide Area Networks).

Consequently we also used to implement network protocols (TCP and UDP), router queue management technique (RED, Drop Tail and also CBQ), traffic resource performance (Telnet, CBR, Web, VBR, and also FTP), routing algorithms etc. Recently, we also implement numerous of NS2 projects in wide array of research areas. Now, we also mentioned some of the most recent research areas for your best reference.

Common Research Areas

  • Full Duplex of Multi Antenna Cellular Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Cloud Computing Based Heterogeneous Networks
  • Dynamic Spectrum Markets
  • Multi Antenna Interference Networks
  • Cache Enabled also Based D2D Under-laid Cellular Networks
  • D2D Based communications Under-laid MIMO Cellular Networks
  • Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks
  • Green Cellular Networks
  • Multi-Tier Heterogeneous Networks
  • Multi Tier Multi-Cell Mobile Networks
  • MIMO Relaying Networks
  • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Multi-Career Cognitive Sensor Networks
  • Load Coupled LTE Networks
  • Wireless Personal Area Networks
  • Wire-less Access Networks
  • Wireless Social Networks
  • Cognitive Wireless Powered Communication Based Networks
  • Multi Antenna also Based Wireless Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Wireless Multi Hop Sensor Networks

        Now, we also provided few ideas about Body Area Sensor Networks which is widely used in human body related technologies. Body area sensor network is an advanced domain area of personal sensing and also gadgets technology for monitoring human being’s inside-body and also near-body using mobile, laptops and other computer devices.

WBAN (wireless Body Area Sensor Network) is a set of wireless sensor nodes (small, consume low power and also lightweight) which are situated either inner or outer human beings body to monitoring nearby environment and body functions.

Body Area Network Communication is classified into three key of tiers
  • Intra Body Area Network Communication: Limited to sensors and also gateway in patient.
  • Inter Body Area Network Communication: Connects some sensor or patients by types for localization
  • Beyond Body Area Network Communication: Represents both internet and intranet

      Here, we also discuss about very few of body area networks features, challenges, research areas and also applications for your better understanding:

Most Important Features in Body Area Sensor Networks

  • Effective Mobility Request
  • Power Consumption
  • Authentication Methods
  • Transmission Distance
  • Data Bandwidth
  • Frequency Bandwidth
  • Scalability
  • Real-time Processing
  • Easy Access with More Comfortable
  • Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Data Reliability

Most of the Critical Challenges in Body Area Sensor Networks

  • Sensor Validation
  • Data Consistency
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Data Management
  • Interoperability
  • Real-time Aggregation (Time Critical Monitoring)
  • Interference
  • Security/ Security
  • Network Quality of Service
  • System Devices
  • Compatibility
  • Invasion of Privacy

Primary Research Areas in Body Area Sensor Networks

  • Disease Diagnosis System
  • Proximity and also Wearable Device Communication
  • Cloud Enabled Body Area Networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Body Area Networks
  • Medical and also Non-Medical Applications

Foremost Body Area Sensor Networks Based Applications

  • Healthcare Based Applications
  • Physiological also Based on Applications
  • Entertainment Based Applications
  • Education also Based on Applications
  • And  also in Human Computer Interaction

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