Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Kingdom

Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Kingdom

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Online Help Network Simulator Master Thesis in United KingdomSimulator Master Thesis in United Kingdom

      Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Kingdom offer exceedingly standardized thesis for you with our excellent brainpower expert’s creative idea. Ns2 is an object-oriented packet-level simulation tool to simulate various protocols in wired and also wireless networks. For example, routing protocols are namely APR, AODV, FSR, also in CRNR, SAR, and more routing protocols. 

It contains more modules for network components, including transport protocol layer, routing, and application, which is also used to examine the performance of networks (link or congestion failure). Now, we also provide step by step procedure for you to know about how simulation is processing.

Let’s see about how to create simulation in Ns2 by our step by step tutorials
  • Build Network Topology: To decrease difficulties in the design and define facilities and their interrelationships, Ns2 make possible this process by system helpers and also containers.
  • Network Model Development: Simulation models are also added to NS2 based simulation such as P2P (Point-to-point) device, IPV4, UDP, link and also applications. Majority of time, the system helpers done this process.
  • Configure Node and Link: simulation models fix their defaulting values. For example, packets send by point to point link. Major times, the configuration also process done by attribute system.
  • Simulation Execution: This execution stage also provides ability to generate events, and requested data by user (logged).
  • Performance Evaluation: Simulation data is accessible (time stamped event trace) white time network simulation process is completed.
  • Results Visualization: Processed or raw data are collected in network simulation. It can be graph by matplotilb, also Gnuplot or X-graph tools.

     Generally, QoS (Quality of Service) accomplishes computer network performance, which is also seen by a network of users. Various characteristics of network service also measure the quality of service. Now, we also discuss the Quality of Service with its features, parameters, and applications.

Quality of Service in Ns2

      Quality of service solicitude certain unique characteristics of network connection under solitary of network service also provider responsibility. It represents the network facility to provide service for select traffic in the network over numerous primary technologies, namely SONET, Frame Relay, Ethernet, ATM, and IP Routed Networks and 802.1 Networks.

Its features provide more expected network service by,
  • Progress Loss attributes
  • Shaping traffic also in network
  • Support devoted bandwidth
  • Set network traffic priority
  • Manage and also avoid congestion of network
Foremost Features in Quality of Service
  • Prevent Congestion
  • Availability
  • Resolutions of QoS
  • Security of Device Manager
  • Efficient Link Mechanism
  • Signaling
  • Shaping and Policing
  • Manage Congestion
  • And also in Classification

Major QoS Parameters Used in Our Ns2 Implementation

  • Throughput
  • Energy
  • Network Life Time
  • Availability
  • Transmit Time
  • Dropped Packets Rates
  • Packet Loss Rate
  • Overhead
  • Packet Delivery Ratio
  • Routing Load
  • Flow of Data Transfer
  • Transmission Delay
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Probability of Failure
  • Reliability
  • Bandwidth
  • Release Time
  • Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS)
  • Mean-Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Error Rate
  • CPU Utilization
  • Latency
  • Residual Error Rates
  • Capacity
  • Jitter
  • Resilience
Primary Applications in Quality of Service
  • Circuit Emulation Service
  • Tele-presence
  • Videoconferencing
  • IP Telephony (Voice Over IP)
  • Media Streaming (Internet Protocol Television, Audio Over IP and also Ethernet)
  • Storage Based Applications (Fiber Channel Over Ethernet and also Internet Small Computer Systems Interface)
  • Critical and security Applications
  • Real Time Industrial Control of Machinery System
  • Online Games (also in Real Time lag)

       We also previously mentioned very few tutorials about, Network simulation, Quality of Service and its features, parameters, and also applications. If you want to get more knowledge about NS2 or your research guidance, you can immediately approach us. We also always ready to offer our high-tech knowledge to achieve more things in your groundbreaking research.

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