Network Simulator Master Thesis in Qatar

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Qatar

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Online Help Network Simulator Master Thesis in QatarSimulator Master Thesis in Qatar

         Network Simulator Master Thesis in Qatar offer admirably patterned thesis for you with our highly sophisticated and inventive brain power.Our celebrated intelligence has recently developed 1000+ network simulation projects in vast recent trendy research areas by Ns2.

Ns2 is one of the popular open-source simulation tools which are extensively used to simulate vast protocols, traffic models, various networks, a huge range of applications, etc. Ns2 simulator uses OTCL (written in C++) programming language to implement network simulation. For your better understanding, we also provide some fundamentals with more information about Ns2 programming languages.

Key information about TCL (Tool Command Language)

  • Create configuration files using scripting language in NS2
  • It build Network structure and topology
  • Easy to implement code and integrate with OTCL and also C++
  • Overall scripting format including object of simulator, trace files, finish procedure, setup network (parameter, agent, node and also link), schedule events (start and also stop simulation)
Major steps for writing Ns2 scripting:
  • Creation of an event scheduler
  • Turn on tracing
  • network creation and routing setup
  • Transport connection creation and also error insertion
  • Traffic creation
  • Application level data transmission

How to run TCL file in Ns2

  • First install NS2 and also then set path
  • If installation process completed, go to $prompt and also then run ns filename. For example, NS tcp. Tcl
  • And then automatically .tr and .nam files also will be created in same location (home folder). In this phase, trace and also NAM animator files are initialized using commands in TCL files
  • For GUI demo, run nam filenale.nam. For example, TCP.nam
  • To check real network performance, also use trace file that is drop of packet, throughput etc
  • For graph generation, parse trace file (.tr) into Xgraph

Major information about C++

  • For protocol implementation purpose also using complied programming language in Ns2
  • Using this language, easily implement protocol design of kernel architecture
  • Use file extension that is .h and .cc

Fundamental of C++

  • Compile and generate executable file (“prog.exe”)
  • Recompile every time when any changes occur also   in network

Input Arguments in C++

  • Pass input argument in parameters (argv, argc)
  • Problem occurred when too many arguments passed

Configuration files in C++

  • In TCL configuration file, initialize all parameters
  • Only one argument is required, also so no need to change C++ code

Most ultramodern research areas in network simulation

  • Protection for underwater and also global sensing systems
  • Terrestrial wireless sensor networks
  • Optimize sensor networks performance via sink mobility
  • Ad hoc and wireless sensor networks
  • Wireless sensor networks test-bed (Java test-bed management system: JAMES)
  • Underwater monitoring systems
  • Green wireless sensor networks (multi resource power harvesting and also triggering of radio circuits)
  • Superfast Tag Recognition also in RFID Systems



          We also previously pointed some information about the NS2 programming language for your reference. If you also want more knowledge in NS2 programming, trendy research areas, and technologies, you can also approach our genius. We are always ready to offer our tendency of knowledge to make you as universal level experts in your cerebral research.

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