Network Simulator Master Thesis in Singapore

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Singapore

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Online Help Network Simulator Master Thesis in SingaporeSimulator Master Thesis in Singapore

     Network Simulator Master Thesis in Singapore is our spectacular service provide marvelously structured thesis with our all-encompassing guidance and supreme support. Our national level graded professionals concentrate on our students and research scholars to offer fully novel and creative ideas with currently modernized technologies. NS2 simulator is modified from REAL network simulator, which is also an object-oriented simulator to simulate vast network protocols.

It provides extensive support for internet protocols, multiple & multicast protocols, and routing protocols over local and also satellite networks. NS2 supports numerous algorithms in queuing and routing, such as Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Algorithm, Deficit Round-Robin, and FIFO.

Most Important Goals

To provide complete support for education and networking research in NS2
  • Protocol traffic studies, design etc
  • Advanced architecture designs supported by NS2
  • Needs of protocol comparison
To provide synergistic environment on NS2
  • It should be open source and freely distributed
  • Increase more confidence also in experimental results (By NS2)

      A deviation of mathematical optimization is a combinatorial optimization that is related to operations research, computational complexity theory, and algorithm theory.

Combinatorial optimization has the most important applications in numerous fields such as artificial intelligence, mathematics, auction theory, software engineering, and also machine learning. We also discuss Matroid, which established applications in the following areas: coding theory, combinatorial optimization, network theory, and topology.


      Matroid is an abstraction of several combinatorial and independent founds in combinatory and algebra among matrices and graphs. It is specified by a family of independent sets (finite sets), which is closed underneath subsets and also satisfies exchange property. The Matroid theory exhibits survival of corresponding axiomatic, which is also a characteristic of Matroids and establishes primary properties including connectivity, duality, and responsibility. In below, we also provide very few dualities of features.

Major Duality Features in Matroid
  • Dual Deletion(Contraction)
  • Dual-Spanning Bases/ Dual Trees
  • Dual Acyclic Orientations (Completely Cyclic Orientation)
  • Dual-Circuits (Co-Circuits)
  • Dual Loops To Co-Loops (Isthmus)
Primary Algorithms We Used in Our Ns2 Implementation Phase
  • Prim’s Algorithm
  • Generic Greedy Algorithm
  • Matroid Greedy Algorithm
  • Two Factor Greedy Approximation Algorithm
  • Kruskal’s MST Algorithm (also For Minimum Spanning Tree)
  • Matric Steiner Tree Greedy Algorithm

        There are wide ranges of journalism/ literature on polynomial-time algorithms for certain singular discrete optimization classes. Some of the combinatorial optimization problems decrease into this structure of the framework. For example, detect the shortest path and shortest-path tree, circulation, and flows, spanning tree, Matroid problems, and matching. Overall, workstations are straight connected with a server or central computer, which is network topology. Each and also every workstation is indirectly connected via a central computer or server with each other

Foremost Advantages in Network Topology

  • Topology provide simplicity operation also due to topologies centralize characteristics
  • It attain isolation devices also based on network
  • Insert and delete network nodes which process can also be complete with out affect any network
  • Easy to detect network device faults also due to the centralize characteristics
  • Topology create smaller security risk also in network simulation
  • Traffic analysis is also easy
  • Traffic-load can handle with use of high capability of essential hub at comparatively also well-mannered speeds
  • Data packets do not exceed through numerous nodes (in case of a ring networks)

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