Network Simulator Master Thesis in Turkey

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Turkey

       Network Simulator Master Thesis in Turkey is our outstanding service foundational association with our worldly celebrated brilliants and high tech programmers from all over the world to provide extremely organized thesis for you. Our certified knowledge experts have minimum 7+ years of experience in the respective field of Ns2 to offer their innovative and resourceful notions for you with our high brain power.

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Simulator Master Thesis in Turkey

       Network Simulator Master Thesis in Turkey offer marvelously patterned thesis for you with highly sophisticated knowledge and also creative ideas. Today, majority of scholars are exciting to select trendy of research areas in Ns2 which is one of the popular simulator. Ns2 is a discrete event driven simulation tool to provide complete support also for simulates protocols (multicast protocols, routing protocols etc.) with target of computer networking research. Day-by-day, our best intellect programmers implement numerous of advanced network simulation also based projects in vast network domains.

Let’s Explore Most Recent Network Domains for Your Better Reference,
  • Multi Source and also Multi Relay Cooperative based Vehicular Networks
  • LEO Satellite Networks
  • Macro Pemto Heterogeneous Networks
  • Reliable Metro Networks
  • Large-Scale Sensor Networks
  • Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
  • Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
  • Multi Hop Cellular Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks

      Now, we discuss about cognitive radio based network area. Cognitive radio is an inventive approach to wireless engineering which is also a hybrid technology to involve SDR (software define radio) while functioned to broaden spectrum. Cognitive Radio functions including characteristics of modulation and capability of transceiver which determine its encrypt or decrypt signal, output power adjustment, user, and also sensing neighboring wireless devices.

The cognitive radio network are classified by two major types,
  • Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radio: It also used to identify channels in spectrum of radio frequency
  • Full Cognitive Radio: Wireless network and also wireless node can be attentive of (takes account into overall parameters)
Major Cognitive Radio Based Networks
  • Cloud Centric Cognitive Cellular Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  • Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks
  • Under Relay Cognitive Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  • Multi Hop Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Vehicular Networks
  • Multi Antenna Cognitive Radio Networks
Why Ns2 Simulator is Widely Used for Cognitive Radio Networking Area
  • It is open source simulation tool. Due to this reason, any contributions available also by NS2 for researcher in overall the world.
  • It provides high user interface to configure various network protocol on each and every network layers which is also very important for network simulation environment
  • It provides numerous radio models namely 802. 11, 802. 11b, 802. 11n, 802. 15. 3 and also 802. 15. 4
  • Users can easily also using those radio models simulation of cognitive radio networks
  • NS2 is easily integrated with traffic generator and various topologies which facilitate also to develop various simulation scenarios.

Recent Research Areas

  • CogNS simulation framework for Cognitive Radio Network also based on NS2
  • Cognitive radio network using

                     -QoS/ QoE- CAODV (Cognitive Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector) Protocol

                     -WCETT (Weighted Cumulative Expected Transmission Time) Routing Protocol

                     -SD- MAC (Spectrum Database Driven Medium Access Control) Protocol

                     -SEARCH (Spectrum Aware Based Routing Protocol also for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks) Routing Protocol

                     -BLAR (Burst Link Aware Routing) Protocol

  • Cognitive Radio Sensing based on spectrum sensing (Eigen vector detection, cyclo-stationary feature identification, power detection and also filter matching)
  • Geo location spectrum database
  • Communication and also fact spectrum sensing

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