Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Arab Emirates

Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Arab Emirates

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Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Arab Emirates

  Network Simulator Master Thesis in United Arab Emirates is one of our miraculous services to provide very much structured thesis for you with the help of our highly dedicated experts and high-tech knowledgeable developers. Today, most of the researchers and students have more knowledge on theoretical part; but few members only have knowledge on program implementation part. We think that you must have good sufficient knowledge in both parts to implement your project as highly proficient and effective. By this reason, we provide complete guidance with inclusive practical explanation to get more knowledge in technical part. Our universal level certified brilliants offer inclusive tutorials service for your NS2 implementation. Our main goal is to offer supreme knowledge in NS2 programming. Now, we offer simple tutorial about NS2 programming for your best understanding.

About Ns2 Programming:

  Ns2 is most popular simulator which is used to mimic network behavior as network topology creation and log events.

Ns2 Programming Languages:

  • C++ as a backend (to regulate functionality of protocols and creation of new protocol)
  • TCL as a frontend (Network configuration)

Major NS2 commands:

Step 1:  Command to start network simulation


 $ns Run

Step 2:  Command to start network simulation using NS2 command


  Set ns [new simulator]

  Above mentioned syntax is the top line in TCL script. First declare “ns” variable by Set command

Step 3:  Command for create and open trace file (Trace file is used to store simulation data which is used to output)


  Set tracefile1 [open w]

 $ns trace-all $tracefile1

 “tracefile1”: It is a file handler and called by its pointer (to handle trace file)

 “Open”: open trace file

 “W”: Write command (write in trace file)

Step 4:  Command for create and open NAM files (Display complete result)


  Set namfile [open out.nam w]

 $ns nametrace-all $namfile

 “namfile”: It is called by its pointer

Step 5:  Command to create node in Network Simulator 2


  Set n1 [$ns node]

Step 6:  Command to create variable in Network Simulator 2


  Set MyRng1 [new RNG] //Random variable creation

 $MyRng2 seed2

There are several distributions used to create random variables such as constand, pareto, uniform and exponential in NS2.

Step 7:  Final command for program termination




// Procedure for “finish”

Proc finish {}


global ns namfile tracefile1

$ns flush-trace

//Command for close Namfile

Close $ namfile

//Command for close trace file

Close $tracefile1

//Command for close nam file

close namfil

// NAM execution process on trace file

exec open out.nam &

exit 0


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