Network Simulator Tools PhD Projects

Network Simulator Tools PhD Projects

      Network Simulator Tools PhD Projects is our tremendous service to provide energetic environment for you to chosen sophisticated research topics with the aid of our expert’s guidance. These days, an enormous of students are interesting to chosen network simulation-based projects. And also, we have updated knowledge in network simulation and the latest versions of network simulators.

We have implemented numerous network simulation projects using a miscellaneous range of network simulators. In that, We provide the best training for you to implement your network simulation projects by own. We tie-up with world’s top universities and colleges. Through these strong tie-ups, millions of students and research scholars are utilizing our Network Tools PhD Projects service from the world’s each corner. If you aspire to join us, you can approach us 24/7/365.

Online Help Network Simulator Tools PhD ProjectsSimulator Tools PhD Projects

     Network Simulator Tools PhD Projects provides best guidance for you to finish your research travel with grand success. We provide independently for you to select a simulator for your research. And also, we provide an interactive environment for you to learn about network simulation tools. Our guidance makes you an expert in the respective fields. We can easily develop your network simulation projects using any network simulators.

Recently, we have completed thousands of network simulator projects using various network simulators and most popular network research areas such as underwater wireless sensor networks, internet of things, wireless body are sensor networks, cloud-based body area networks, peer to peer RFID networks, and congestion control vehicular networks, internet of things, neural networks, and Mobile IPv6. Now, we address network simulators

Network Simulators Interfacing with Other

  • LabVIEW Interface also with NetSim (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • NetSim Interface also with Matlab (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks)
  • NS3 Interface also with RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) (Smart Electric Power Grid)
  • NetSim Interface also with Wireshark (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks)
  • NS3 Interface also with SUMO (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks)
  • SUMO Interface also with OMNET++ (Vehicular Network Simulation)
  • NS2 Interface also with Matlab (Wireless Network Simulation)
  • NS3 Interface also with VISSIM (Connected Vehicle Assessment System)
  • NS-3 Interface also with GEM5 (Evaluate Mobile Distributed Applications)
  • NS3 Interface with iTetris (V2X Application Simulation)
  • NS2 Interface also with WOSS (Underwater Networking)
  • NS-2 Interface also with RealCloudSim (Cloud Computing Network)
  • NS2 Interface also with MannSim (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • NS-2 Interface with TraNs (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks)
  • NS2 Interface also with GreenCloud (Cloud Computing)

Description of Network Simulator Interface

NS3 Interface with Matlab
  • It also integrate to Cyber-Physical systems in smart grid
  • Also It integrate to establish bidirectional communications between two simulators using sockets

                 -It simulate ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)

  • We can also uses powerful Matlab’s math tools in NS3 and powerful NS’s protocols in Matlab
NS3 Interface with SUMO
  • It also integrate for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Vehicular speed and also traces affected by numerous factors such as traffic, emergencies, weathers and also driver’s driving habits
  • Open source simulator cannot reflect road usage condition and also real vehicle driving routes
  • To solve this difficulties, Traffic simulator SUMO integrates also with network simulator NS3
NetSim Interface with SUMO
  • It integrate with SUMO also for road traffic simulation by TraCI API’s
  • Also It integrate with SUMO for vehicular ad hoc networks simulation
NetSim Interface with Wireshark
  • It integrates also with NS2 for Packet Analysis
  • And also It is used in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Major Applications in Network Simulators

  • V2X Based Applications
  • Traffic Management Applications
  • Railway Communication Networks
  • Satellite Link Emulation
  • Defense Applications
  • Chat Applications
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Flight Applications
  • Automobile Applications
  • Health Monitoring Applications
  • Message Passing Interface Applications
  • Content Aware Applications
  • Biological Applications
  • Smart Home Networking Applications
  • CHP Domestic Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Homeland Defense Application
  • Crisis Management Applications

Latest Topics for Network Tools PhD Projects

  • Target Tracking Using Enhanced NLOS Analysis and also Mitigation Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Minimize Energy and Delay Consumption also Using Buffered Spin-Torque in Global Interconnects
  • Network Capacity Improvement also Using Delay Sensitive Multicast Protocol in Multi-rate Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Impedance Learning for Constrained Robot Using Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Control
  • Information Theoretic Evaluation for Optimized Distributed Automatic Modulation Classification in WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Per-Existing Routing for Security
  • Admission Control Using Switching and Buffering Scheme in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Downstream Vectored G. Fast Transmission Using Dynamic Spectrum Management Based on Linear and Nonlinear Pre-coding
  • Large Scale Micro-biome Community Analysis Using Reconfigurable Wireless NoC
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Data Association and Multi-Target Tracking on Road

       We above mentioned some of the important information about network simulations, including network simulators’ interface with other simulators, applications, and the latest network simulation topics. We provide more guidance for your conference paper preparation, journal preparation, and publication. Do you want to utilize our Network PhD Projects? You can directly visit our experts and obtain our expert’s guidance. 

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