Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools

Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools

               Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools provides you a list of network simulation tools and discusses the purpose of simulation in networking. Our simulation tools are used to enhance and also evaluate the system performance. We also offer excellent thesis for students and scholars to improve their technical knowledge through our knowledge and standard.

Consequently, We are also an ISO 9001.2000 certified organization to csreate a wonderful research platform for their academic growth under our research guidance. So We used network simulation tools in various networking projects, including 3G/4G/5G, and also our recent research activities include the cyber-physical systems, IoT and sensing systems, E-health and assisted systems, etc.

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Thesis in Network Simulation Tools

                  Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools presents new ambitious simulators in network simulation.Network simulation is a process to model the behavior of a network by adding an open-source and component-based simulation package. Simulation of large-scale wireless networks is a great challenging task, but our developers developed 1000+ projects globally for network design, simulation modeling, and protocol analysis. These 1000+ projects are implemented using various simulation tools. Numerous state of the art simulation tools is available for network simulation. We also provide Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools for final year students from M.E/M/phil/MCA and also research scholars from PhD/MS. Among the available simulators, we have also listed a few of them.

Master Thesis in Network Simulation Tools Online List of Network Simulation Tools

  • NS2 (developed by C++ and Otcl)
  • NS3 (also in developed by C++ and Python)
  • OMNeT++ (developed by C++)
  • JSIM (also in developed by Java and Tcl)
  • GloMoSim (also developed by C and Parsec)
  • SENSE (developed by C++)
  • Mininet (also in developed by python)
  • Avvora (developed by Java)
  • Cooja(based on also developed by Java)
  • BigNetSim (developed by Charm++)
  • Netkit (based on also developed by XML)
  • Psimulator2 (developed by Java)

Recent Development of Network Emulators

  • Netkit support for software defined networking related projects including Ryu SDN controller and also OpenvSwitch
  • Marionnet rebuilt network emulator
  • Cloonix rebuilt network emulator (included some new demonstration script also for dynamic DNS)
  • NetMirage network emulator

Current Research Areas in Network Simulation

            Network simulation tools are also widely used in wired/wireless networks, including ad hoc, mobile and communication, mesh, sensor networks, and also much more. The following research areas are also currently concentrated by our experts:

  • Communications of PAN
  • RFID systems (Fast tag identification)
  • Distributed Video Streaming (Compression and also transmission in images)
  • Mobile Multimedia Wireless Sensor Network (Real video sequences transmission)
  • Green Wireless Sensor Networks (Energy harvesting)
  • Underwater Monitoring Systems (monitoring CO2 and also marine life)
  • Security for Under Water and also in Terrestrial Sensing Systems (Healthcare environment)
  • Cognitive Radio Networking (also in Opportunistic Spectrum Access)
  • Protocol stack also for wireless sensor networks (Cross layer optimized protocol stack)

           Due to the significant need for research in network simulation, we also provide novel research for your master thesis. We also provide complete research guidance also for PhD/MS scholars worldwide. Apart from the above network simulators, we also use routing protocols, tools (Tmix and aqua sim), and other simulation software also for your projects.

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