Network Thesis Writing Service Ghana

Network Thesis Writing Service Ghana

          Network Thesis Writing Service Ghana is our extraordinary and awesome service to provide extremely organized thesis for you with aid of our intelligence. Nowadays, large amount of students interesting in simulation based projects which provides real time environment.Our high tech knowledge experts are certified by universal level experts. For this reason, our writing service in Ghana is popularly spread among students and research colleagues around the globe.

Every day, our brilliants publish their innovative and creative thoughts in top journals. Recently, we implement enormous network simulation-based applications in numerous network domains by diverse popular simulators. We provide complete support and inclusive guidance to accomplish your modern intellectual research with grand success. We are always greeting you to achieve your great goal with us.

Online Network Thesis Writing Service GhanaThesis Writing Service Ghana

        Network Thesis Writing Service Ghana offers incredible thesis preparation service for you to reach top of the peak in your research. Today, researchers and developers use enormous network simulators such as OPNET, NS2, NS3, OMNET++, NS2 & NS3, Qualnet, etc. Here, we provide information about the Ns2 simulator.

About Ns2 Simulator

          Ns2 is purposely designed for network simulation to set up network nodes connecting and pass packets from one node to other nodes. It is one of the most fashionable simulators by its real-time mimic environment. Due to this reason, it is widely used for network communication research. Ns2 has four foremost classes of components such as in-network objects, simulation-based objects, packet-based objects, and also in helper objects. In an object-oriented programming language, Ns2 implement objects of the network by polymorphism components. Now, we also talk about Ns2 programming for your best understanding.

Core of Information about OTCL

  • OTCL is an extension of object oriented TCL to TCL/TK which is written in C++
  • It is an interpreter for in programming language
  • Also It consist id build in library objects for in network simulation
  • OTCL build in library of objects can be extended by adding objects in C++ code.
  • It can run in various platforms namely in Linux, Unix, Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows and also in so on.

Central Part of Information about TCL/TK

  • TCL is a programming language (in scripting language) for multi paradigm system
  • This scripting language provide ability for wide range of application in to communiqué with each other
  • TK is a widget toolkit for cross platform which is used in to build GUI by any other languages.

Major Features in OTCL

  • Dynamic Extensible
  • Implementation of fairly portable
  • TCL concept and also syntax build in quite than other popular language
  • Powerful and also in most popular programming language
Let’s see about four binary results when complies OTCL
  • //Load tclsh with OTCL


  • //Add OTCL to TCL applications gy OTCL library


  • //Load wish with OTCL


  • //Load OTCL into TCL shells dynamically by shared OTCL library


OTCL compare with C++

  • C++ Constructor- In OTCL, uses “init intsproc”
  • C++ Destructor- In OTCL, uses “destroy instproc”
  • Unlike in it and destroyed method which is in not automatically combining with base classes, it requires compiling explicitly by in  next keyword.
  • OTCL methods are in virtual and also it called by object
  • For explicit compilation:

               -Shadow method used in C++

               -Next keyword used in OTCL

OTCL Programming in NS2

  • Define new class:


            // Class inherit from an object

               Class <Class-Name>

           // Class inherits from Super-Class 

              Class <Class-Name> – Super-Class <Super-Class-Name>

  • Define Member Function:


          // Member function

             <Class-Name> instrproc <Member-Function-Name>


              //Body of the function


          //Create member function object

             set myobj [new <Object-Name>]

             $myobj <Member-Function-Name>

  • Create OTCL Class member variables:


          // Member variable “moObj” class object

             set myObj [new <Member-Object-Name>]

         // Node variable “myNode” class object

             set myNode [new <Node-Object-Name>]

  • Call member methods:


          //Call method with in object with parameters

            set myVar [new Object-Name]

            $myVar <Method-Name> parameter1 parameter2 …..

  • Create New Constructor:


          Class <Class-Name>

          <Class-Name> instproc init {}


          $self next

          $self instvar <Data-Member-Name>

          set <Data-Member-Name> “Hello”


          <Class-Name> instproc p {}


          $self instvar <Data-Member-Name>

          Puts $<Data-Member-Name>


  • Use include Utility Function (#include)

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