Ns2 for Master Thesis

Ns2 for Master Thesis

        Ns2 for Master Thesis offers highly standardized thesis for you with the contribution of our dedicated expert’s guidance. We tie-up with The World’s Most Innovative Universities in this universe. Due to this reason, our magnificent service is reached in each and every corner of this entire world. Millions of research colleagues and students are utilizing our master thesis service from 120+ countries. Our dedicated experts are experts in network simulation with a minimum of 7+ years of experience. Our certified professionals prepare extremely patterned thesis with our high tech scientific and communication knowledge without any plagiarism to provide high-quality research.

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NS2 for Master Thesis Online HelpRecent Research Areas in Ns2

  • Telecommunication and also Video Streaming
  • Wireless and also Mobile Communication
  • Parallel and also Mobile Computing
  • LEO/IP Satellite Networks
  • Cryptography and also Network Security
  • Mobile Cognitive Networks
  • Mobile Content Centric Networks
  • Multi Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
  • MIMO Relaying Networks
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Multi Antenna also Based Wireless Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Asynchronous Radar Networks
  • 4G and 5G Wireless Networks
  • Underwater Sensor and Acoustic Networks
  • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Optical Interconnection Networks
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Multi Relay Multi Resource Cooperative Vehicular Networks

Ns2 Master Thesis

       Ns2 for Master Thesis provides highly astonishing thesis preparation service for you to finish your projects with magnificent achievements. We are also working with our highly dedicated professionals who have more knowledge in incalculable research areas and network simulators. In recent times, our knowledgeable groundbreaking experts have also developed thousands of Ns2 based research in numerous popular research domains. Ns2 is the most popular network simulation tool, which is designed for networking research to simulate concurrent environments. Now, we also speak about MIMO Relay Networks,

     …” MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) Relay Networks provide high capable MIMO communication with relay transmission coverage extension capacity. Relays are especially also used to improve performance in wireless networks. MIMO-OFDM is an interface of dominant air 5G broadband wireless communication, which combines MIMO technology also with multiple capabilities also by transmitting various signals over OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and multiple antennas.”

Recent Research in MIMO Relay Networks

  • Design Hybrid Beam Formers in Millimeter Wave also for MIMO Relay Networks
  • System-in-Package Applications using Dual Channel UWB-MIMO Antenna Array also Based on Inter-digital FSS (Frequency Selective Surface)
  • 5G Cognitive Radio Networks also Based on MIMO-OFDMA for Heterogeneous Quality of Service (QoS) Driven Resource Allocation
  • Design Real Orthogonal also for MIMO-OFDMA Radar IRCI Free Range Reconstruction Based on Cyclic Prefix (CP)
  • MIMO-OFDM Systems also Using Hardware Efficient Multiple Stream Pipeline Fast Fourier Transmission (FFT) Processor
  • Massive MIMO-OFDMA Using Hybrid Beam Forming Algorithm with UAB (Unified Analog Beam-Forming) through Partial CSI also Based Subspace Construction
  • Quarter ICI-SC with Space Time Frequency Block Coding (STFBC) Technique also for Enhance MIMO-OFDMA Subcarrier Mapping
  • MU-MIMO-OFDM also by Low Resolution Analog to Resolution convertor (ADC) using Decoder Based on AMP
  • Optimized JPEG 2000 Wireless Transmission also Using Soft Decoding Algorithms over Realistic MIMO-OFDM System
  • MIMO-SDMA (Space Division Multiple Access) also Using Unified Message Passing Algorithm in Software Defined Radio
  • MIMO-OFDM Signals for Evaluate Eigen Beam-Forming, Interference Reduction Effect and also Digital Subtraction experiments.

MIMO Applications

  • Ultra Wide-Band Applications
  • LTE Applications
  • LTE and also Wi-Fi Wireless Access Point Applications
  • 4G MIMO Applications
  • Laptop Computer Applications
  • Small Cell Applications
  • MIMO-OFDMA System
  • LTE 1800/1900 Applications
  • MIMO Full-Duplex Relay Systems
  • WWAN Applications
  • Mobile Communication System
  • WiMax Applications
  • MIMO Dual Hop Systems
  • Automotive Applications

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