Postgraduate Projects in Ns2

Postgraduate Projects in Ns2

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Postgraduate Projects in NS2 Guidance Online Projects in Ns2

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Let’s see the significant aspects and also resent research topics for your review,

Most Ns2 Essential Facts in Ns2

  • -TclCL, TCL / Tk and OTCL supported
  • -Initialization and also termination aspects of network simulator
  • -Simulate both wireless and also wired networks which is discrete event simulator
  • -Defining the network nodes, links, queues and also topology as well and it is primarily Unix based
  • -Provide object oriented support
  • -Provides substantial support also to simulate bunch of protocols [DSR, HTTP, TCP, FTP and UDP]
  • -Self-possessed of
    • Support for Pre-processing [Topology and also traffic generation]
    • Support-for-Post-processing [awk with analyze the trace output]
    • Support for visualization [Network animator [NAM] used to animate trace from simulation with to offer GUI]
  • -Major Components:
    • Consumer and packet generator [Agent]
    • Set of queues [Link]
    • Addressable entity [Node]
    • Communication instigator [Application]
    • Maintains the chain of events and executes the events chronologically [Scheduler]
    • Provides the common packet dropping point [Null agent]
  • -Platform support [MAC OS X, Windows, Linux, Unix]
  • -Network components:
    • Packet-related objects
    • Network objects
    • Simulation-related objects
    • Helper objects

Recent Research Issues in NS2

  • Security and also data integrity issues
  • Routing problems
  • Coverage and also connectivity issues
  • Packet delivery ratio issues
  • Quality and also behavioral issues
  • Protocol design challenges
  • Road Side Units (RSUs) also in VANET
  • Management and also topological issues
  • Sonar array also based target tracking
  • Flow completion time issues
  • Cyber security issues
  • Optimization problems
  • Data availability and also query delay problems
  • Communication issues

Major Real Time Applications

  • Prediction of cyber security threats
  • Implement redundant DNS [Prevent cyber-attacks]
  • Stopping criminal hacking also using AI
  • Solve national security challenges also using hacking for defense
  • Reconfigurable single-shot incoherent optical signal processing system

Recent Research Topics in Ns2

  • Data center network for mitigate TCP in cast also with novel approach
  • Future IoT Applications using secure signature also based authenticated key establishment scheme
  • Radiation detection using emerging new pseudo binary and also ternary halides as scintillators
  • Network tomography for network delay modelling also in mobile wireless mesh networks
  • To improve the reliability of shuffle exchange networks also using novel resource scheduling approach
  • Stability and bifurcation analysis also for TCP with virtual management policies
  • Time critical automation applications also using delay minimized routing in mobile cognitive networks
  • Expansion ration also for efficient data center flow scheduling without starvation
  • Performance analysis based Nonlinear RED also using congestion control scheme
  • Random access wireless networks using flow allocation also for maximum throughput and bounded delay on multiple disjoint paths
  • Cognitive radio networks for channel selection scheme also for cooperative routing protocols
  • The improvement of UHF RFID safety and also security using global approach

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