How to Run NS3 Examples

How to Run NS3 Examples – it is one among the important discrete-event simulators, which affords the system models to simulate the data networks that are working and it helps in maintaining the overall performance and assists the user to perform the simulation for research purposes. Hence, it affords an easily accessible space for both researchers and network developers.

“Through this article, we are attempting to elaborate to you the functions of the NS3 examples simulator and its practical research benefits in the current research scenario. We provide the installation and running instructions to execute simulation based on its nature and parameters in addition to its metrics!!”

Advantages of NS3 Examples

  • Supports real-time scheduling to have a real system communication
  • The mobility models of How to Run NS3 Examples are lenient to integrate with the orientation to enable the possibilities device mobility impact to deploy the VLC network, even it is varied from RF in need.
  • The units of NS3 examples are typically structured to be similar to the operations of real devices that permits to analyze of the large network performance
  • NS3 is able to assess large network by its different access technologies with the help of its inbuilt libraries and external software libraries
  • NS3 can be easily accessible to the researchers willing in system-level deployment analysis.

These are the major-research level benefits of the NS3 simulator. Along with the above uses, the LTE NS3 is an appropriate simulator for the innovative 5G network. Besides, we provide you the new module creation for the best NS3 Examples of our knowledge as follows,

NS3 Examples with Source Code

Important module creation in NS3 Examples

According to the current scenario, the energy consumption of the node has become one of the greatest encounters in the technology of wireless networks. It is because; the excessive energy depletion of the nodes reduces the lifespan of the needed Wireless Sensor Projects. To resolve this issue, we have developed a number of energy-saving MAC protocols. And one of such protocols has been optimized by our team of engineers as SmartMAC as a solution lean to the standard of IEEE802.15.4.

In the following, we have provided you the executing porting specifics of SmartMAC to the NS3 and we optimize the NS3 Examples module to simulate the following actions

  • Multi-node configuration
  • Multi-node execution

In addition to the above model, we give an energy model to test the NS3 energy consumption. As a matter of fact, we applied NS3 is based on the LR-WPAN as mentioned by the standards of IEEE802.15.4. Besides our innovation on the low energy consuming NS3 Examples model, we introduce you to the following interesting features.

LEO Satellite Constellation

This type of LEO satellite constellation for IoT, we implement the technology of extent spectrum Aloha in the reverse link for the following process

  • Decreasing the difficulties of protocol
  • Structuring the channel mapping to curb the wireless resource
  • Abridging the random access and authentication procedure to ease the signal communications

Typically, we designed the LEO satellite constellation for IoT is based on the NS3 Examples and it is specially made for IoT. In this way, we have modified the satellite on two types of features as the former feature performs the relay traffic obtained from GS or UE, and the latter converse the neighboring satellites by using inter-satellite links (ISL). To elaborate on the performance of the LEO satellite, you must be known that the Radio Protocol Stack Architecture has been constructed with the following layers,

  • Physical (PHY) layer
  • Media access control (MAC) layer
  • Packet data convergence protocol (PDCP) layer
  • Radio link control (RLC) layer
  • Radio resource control (RRC) layer
  • Non-access stratum (NAS) layer

In order to perform the transmission with the help of Random Access Procedure; it must assure the message security, which strives for the development of channel facilities in ns3 project. The RA procedure based on the disputation is performed by the NS3 Examples following process

  • Sending system broadcast information to the UE
  • Requesting random access to the satellite over Msg1
  • Calculating the XRES, CK, IK and allocating RNTI
  • Sending the authentication request to the UE over Msg2
  • Verifying the authentication and computing the RES
  • Sending the Authentication response to the satellite over Msg3
  • Verifying RES and calculating CK, IK
  • Sending the RA response as Message 4
  • Updating the UE context meanwhile and connecting the UE and satellite to transfer data packets through the uplink
  • Storing the UE data to the Ground station

The above processes are the major steps of the LEO satellite communication meant for IoT, it is a milestone achievement made by our world-class certified engineering team. In addition to the above interesting satellite features, we provide you the NS3 Examples parameters for system configuration as follows

NS3 Examples system configuration for satellite communication

Here, we provide you with our satellite communications parameters and our sample tested values of the parameters to the best of our knowledge as follows.

  • Maximum retransmissions
    • Parameter value: 10
  • RAR Window Dimension
    • Parameter value: 1 subframe
  • TTI of satellite
    • Parameter value: 200ms
  • Maximum RA-RNTI
    • Parameter value: 1023
  • Uplink frame length
    • Parameter value: 200ms
  • Slot Number of PDSCH
    • Parameter value: 6
  • Time slot length
    • Parameter value: 20ms
  • Satellite altitude
    • Parameter value: 900km

The above parameters and values are the most important in terms to configure the NS3 Examples system satellite communication. In addition to our above parameters type and the values, we provide you the NS3 topology code generator as follows

The importance of NS3 Examples Topology Code Generator

Requirement of Ubuntu: Every type of simulation, evaluation and analysis has been achieved in the Linux OS. The service of Linux is done for Ubuntu determination.

Requirement of NS3: NS3 is needed as a platform to produce NS3TCG to gather and implement the NS3TCG as a networking tool.

Requirement of NetAnim: The purpose of NetAnim in NS3TCG is to animate the XML trace file simulation, which is gathered at simulation. This type of packages has arrived in attachment to the NS3 fitting files.

NS3 Examples Code Generation

In order to produce an NS3 code, we are required to insert a few data to the designed tool such as the amount of APs, the number of stable nodes in every AP. The network type might be wiredwireless, or collaborateddelay rate and data rate of cable connectionsize of packets or quantity of packets, etc. with the obtained information, the structured tool produces the NS3 code to set the input by the following process.

  • Producing nodes, configuring to the needed type
  • Allocating the IP address
  • Configuring the linked cables
  • Setting delay and data rate of the cables
  • Configuring UDP request
  • Setting the size and number of packets
  • Configuring the server and client with start and ending time
  • Gathering and arranging the obtained code chunks

Besides the above procedures, the user can gather and perform the codes on the NS3 in the Linux scenario to obtain the result of the planned network.

Building network topology

First of all, we need some inputs regarding the network types like wireless, wired, or mixed and the NS3 Examples following the requirements of

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • The IP address of point to point (PTP) connection
  • The IP address of LAN network
  • Amount of mobile devices connected in APs
  • The IP address of AP
  • Generating javascript work

After we get the required items, we have to arrange the obtained items one by one and the items are following as

  • AP range
  • Mobile stations (MBLS)
  • Computer stations (COMS)
  • Text stroke of IP address
  • PTP connection

Lastly, with the received elements and networks, we can build the network topology and demonstrate to the users, which they can understand the construction and the support of the suggested network

Structure of NS3TCG Examples

In general, the production time of code and topology in an NS3TCG, we utilize three types- wired, wireless, mixed connections. In this case, the wireless connections are divided into two types

  • Ad-Hoc
  • Infrastructure

And the data input cause the code in case of the provided parameters in the following steps

  • Step 1: Initiating the simulation
  • Step 2: Taking inputs for simulation
  • Step 3: Deciding the network type
  • Step 4: Producing the NS3 code
  • Step 5: generating topology

After the completion of the above steps, the simulator NS3 will wind up the simulation session in the proposed network. In addition to the above steps and process of topology construction, code generation, etc. we are reaching the core part of this article, i.e. our suggestion on the research titles as given below.

Innovative NS3 Project Topics

  • Utilizing two-way Fog Environment for smart cities with multi-level resource sharing framework
  • Categorizing and detecting the encountering flows in SDN with the help of ML algorithms
  • Online RAT Selection Algorithm in 5G multiple Radio Accessing Technology
  • The routing protocol of Wireless Sensor Network is responsive to energy and collision for an intellectual supporting IoT applications
  • IPLQueeN: Integrity Preserving Low-Overhead Query Handling Over NDN-Based WSN

As we discussed above, ns-3 is a powerful simulator tool, which we used to perform the research-type simulation. Moreover, we are on the steps of implementing the NS3 simulator at an affordable cost. Until then we can perform the research intended simulation with the help of the NetAnim simulator. How to Run NS3 Examples, with the help of our research and project developing team, we are able to suggest to you the trending research topics in any networking domain. As a matter of fact, we are having 5000+ happy customers in this project service and we assure on our reputation to provide you the service of Excellency!!!