PhD Guidance in Dependable and Secure Computing

PhD Guidance in Dependable and Secure Computing

     PhD Guidance in Dependable and Secure Computing welcoming students who are pursuing PhD. Our dependable and secure computing is comfortable for all students who are assisted by our top experts. We are always dedicated to offering emerging ideas for students that help our students to strongly connect with our research community.

Our services also extend from students to participate in national/international conferences, research paper writing, paper publication in high impact factor journals [SCI and SCOPUS], and preparing customized thesis to receive their PhD graduation. We expect all PhD degree students to commit to our research platform and start to work towards your research.

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 Now, see our presently working technologies,

Advanced technologies in Dependable Secure Computing

  • Advanced data science
  • Network function virtualization
  • Cyber physical systems
  • Capability based security
  • Nonvolatile Memory Management
  • Advanced machine learning
  • Containers i.e. moving application in cloud
  • 5G networks
  • BYOD: Smart phone with smart malware

Guidance in Dependable and Secure Computing

      PhD Guidance in Dependable and Secure Computing is our awesome platform to train your mind and to see your every stage of research. Once you commit with us, we are creating new knowledge for your best accomplishment. Let’s hope our organization, it’s running on ten years and till we served around 6000+ research scholars over 120+ countries. Our way of developing PhD work is to search and search again until we get the new and innovative ideas in current fields Dependable and secure computing is defined as modeling and simulating network systems that more secure and dependable in real-time.

Achieving security, availability, and dependability are increasingly complex tasks in nature because wired and wireless networks/systems may fall to the malicious environment. For that, we need to put more effort and highly concentrate on malicious prediction tools, security mechanisms, and algorithms to attain high security and dependability in computing systems. Here at we highlighted a few about dependable and secure computing

Major Research Areas in Secure Computing

  • Cryptography
  • Cyber attacks
  • Bayesian attacks
  • Cloud computing
  • Hidden Markov model
  • Multi-signatures, anonymous streams and also Blockchain
  • Information centric networking
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Web application attacks
  • Graph mining (data mining)
  • Hierarchical networks
  • Wireless ad hoc networks
  • Internet of Things

Dependable and Secure Computing in Cyber Attacks

  • Content Filtering
  • Vulnerability shielding
  • Host based firewall protection
  • Web reputation
  • Antispam and antiphishing in web and also message gateways
  • Network and host based intrusion prevention
  • Breach detection systems
  • Advanced anti-malware beyond blacklisting
  • Mobile app reputation
  • Application control e.g. whitelisting

Dependable and secure computing in IoT devices

  • Ransomware spin out of control
  • Edge/fog computing with trusted and also autonomic environment
  • Safety control systems based power and also transportation system
  • Dependable B2B driving enterprise digital transformation
  • Driving enterprise digital transformation also in dependable B2B
  • Dependable Automatic control systems and also techniques

Development Tools and Software’s

  • JAVA
  • Sharemind SDK
  • FAST
  • SEI
  • GroundSim
  • DCSim

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • JAVA: Programming language that consists of large set of API that also used for security algorithms.
  • SCAPI: Free and open source library also that used to implement secure two party and multi part computation protocols.
  • ESAPI: Library for web application security control also that allows programmers to write lower-risk application.
  • Sharemind SDK: Application server and also novel database tool kit to process of data encryption without decryption.
  • SEPIA: Library written in Java that used also for generic secure multiparty computation.
  • FAST: FZI assessment toolkit also to build secure software
  • SEI: Free and open source tool that creates, refines and also disseminates wide range of techniques and also technologies for networked systems
  • EMUSIM: Expanded as integrated emulation and also simulation that enables accurate model for software artifacts
  • GroudSim: Gr-Grid oud Cloud is a discrete event based simulator that used to design scientific applications on cloud and also grid environments.
  • DCSim: referred as an extensible data center simulator to develop and perform high-end experiments in data center algorithms and also techniques.

Major Research Topics in Dependable Secure Computing

  • Risk management
  • Identity management
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Security and privacy issues also in cloud computing
  • Security based protocols
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Outlier detection issues
  • Cyber security and also attacks
  • Forgery detection
  • Information sharing and also data protection
  • Dependable systems self-improvement
  • Autonomic and also dependability issues
  • Attacks and counter measures also in social botnets
  • Search keywords over encrypted cloud data
  • Spoofs diagnosis also in sensor networks
  • Spammer segregation and also blogger unsolicited on twitter
  • Bio-metric authentication system also for multi-server environment
  • Automatic signature verification

            The aforementioned information is also for you is, just glance over and get little knowledge in dependable and secure computing. Our service for you is infinite so start work also with us today for your happy ending. Set your more realistic targets also to reach your unrealistic dream………