PhD Guidance in Context Aware Computing

PhD Guidance in Context Aware Computing

     PhD Guidance in Context Aware Computing is our world famous service that renewed for our young scholars to adaptively work with their doctoral research on context aware computing. . Scholars from worldwide have understood about PhD degrees; for that reason, we offer tangible assistance to enrich your PhD. Our context-aware computing is designed with the instructions of affiliated university guidelines. Here we highlight context aware computing. 

PhD Guidance in Context Aware Computing Online Help

     —“Context-Aware Computing is also a successful computing style to understanding situational and environment information about humans, things, and places. A new concept of context-aware computing is the enclosure of sensory and mechanical elements in upcoming mobile devices that helps mobile users themselves to adjust also with the damage when they are throwing down or dropped”.

      Today, we also conduct our research on context-aware computing aspects that hope to be useful for our student’s research. Our guidance is also associated with standardized research activities to serve with our world-class experts completely. Stay with us when you feel PhD is difficult.

Advanced Technologies in Context Aware Computing

  • Virtual humans
  • Crowd simulation
  • Personality and emotion
  • Autonomous actors
  • Social avatars and agents
  • Inter agent communication
  • Human activity understanding
  • Long term and memory interaction
  • Social behavior analysis
  • Awareness based animation
  • Conversational and also social agents
  • Context-aware services
  • Context aware advertising
  • Mobile users recommendations
  • Machine learning (ML) also for ontology learning
  • ML for context aware information retrieval
  • Portable devices context awareness
  • UI/HCI context aware technologies
  • Context aware tutoring and also e-learning
  • Context-aware information retrieval
  • Context aware profiling, and also collaborative filtering

Guidance in Context Aware Computing

     PhD Guidance in Context Aware Computing offers clear picture of current and future trends, opportunities and developments for budding scholars. Our true innovators breathe for you and also always think about your dream of research. Once you commit us, you never go back because we also offer enormous services like topic and domain selection, research proposal preparation, review paper preparation, problem formulation, proposed solution preparation, research paper writing (SCI and SCOPUS level), data analysis report preparation, final thesis preparation(PPT and report) etc.

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   So let’s joining us, we ready to start with the beginning……

Recent Trends in Context Aware Computing

  • Context aware personalization
  • Data dissemination and also replication
  • Mobile social networking applications
  • Middleware and applications support
  • Transport, routing and reliability issues
  • Urban sensing for context aware systems
  • Autonomic and also opportunistic communications
  • Security, trust and repudiation in context aware systems
  • Social and context awareness mechanisms and algorithms
  • Cognitive driven decision making and information processing
  • Service composition in opportunistic and autonomic networks
  • Decision making and cognition driven information processing
  • Game theoretic insights to autonomic and opportunistic networks
  • Statistical analysis and mobility models of mobility traces
  • Socio-economic models for autonomic and opportunistic communication
  • Co-existence of infrastructure mobile wireless networks with opportunistic networks

Development Tools and Software’s

  • NS
  • NetSim
  • Context Toolkit
  • CASi
  • ACAT
  • Opencitysmart
  • Cue-me
  • CAreDroid
  • DiaSim
  • Eclipse

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • NS: Series of network simulators (Specifically NS-1, NS-2, and also NS-3 that are used for networking research
  • OPNET: Simulator that also used to provide the performance management for computer networks
  • NetSim: Cisco systems computer network simulator also for networking hardware and software
  • OMNET: Network simulator also for simulating all types of computer networks
  • Context Toolkit: A toolkit that also support rapid prototyping of context-aware applications
  • CASi: A generic context awareness simulator used also for the simulation of context aware computer systems and ambient systems.
  • ACAT: Open source Assistive content aware toolkit also to enable people with motor neuron diseases and other disabilities.
  • Opencitysmart: Suite of open source tools that benefit also for city operations like urban infrastructure (traffic, services, utilities etc.)
  • Cue-me: Multimodal and context aware mobile application development platform to assist also for natural interaction with applications
  • CAreDroid: Adaptation framework also for android versioned in 4.2 to develop context aware run time applications
  • UBIWISE: Simulator also for ubiquitous computing systems in physical environments
  • DiaSim: A parameterized context aware simulator also for implement pervasive computing applications 
  • Eclipse: Most preferred development environment also used for ubiquitous computing

Major Research Topics in Context Aware Computing

  • Privacy and security
  • Issues on big data mining
  • Signal variance
  • Issues on context scaling
  • Human computer interaction
  • Context aware mobile computing
  • Context-aware ubiquitous learning
  • Issues on context awareness
  • User behavior architectural style
  • Historical context data perform ace
  • Data storage and also management issues
  • Data-indexing and also query scheduling
  • Data replication and also caching
  • Data-ambiguity and also acquisition
  • Issues on services
  • Conflicts resolving
  • Context explicit indication reliance