PhD Guidance in Digital Forensics

PhD Guidance in Digital Forensics

     PhD Guidance in Digital Forensics assists you to certify as a best research fellow in various areas of forensics. Digital forensics is an investigation of data found after the crime or cyber-attack. After investigation, recovery, and encompasses from the crime.  Due to its significance, we also need to develop tools and invent new effective solutions to identifying crime. If you are currently a PhD student, want to research digital forensics come to us.

Our top professionals will also guide you in various aspects of your research like algorithm development, topic selection, software and tools selection, programming languages, and major application development. If you are interested in online guidance, our professionals are ready to meet you and solve your online issues 24/7. Get our digital forensics on time.

PhD Guidance in Digital Forensics Online Help Let’s explore our next generation technologies of digital forensics,

Next Generation of Digital Forensics

  • Biometrics used
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Geographical location
  • Mobile devices user authentication services
  • End user types (government, federal, corporate and also private)
  • Applications also using Digital forensics:

                  -Computer forensics

                  -Mobile device forensics

                  -Network devices

                  -Forensic data analysis

                  -Database forensics

Modern Forensic Science Technologies

  • DNA sequencer
  • Alternative light photography
  • Forensic carbon-14 dating
  • 3D forensic facial reconstruction
  • High speed ballistics photography
  • Link analysis software also for forensic accounts
  • Digital surveillance also for Xbox XFT device
  • Video spectral comparator 2000
  • Automated finger print identification and also magnetic finger printing

Guidance in Digital Forensics

     PhD Guidance in Digital Forensics offers you learning environment and also study platform for your research in digital forensics. Your success is our main motto, and also we work in a broad range of research areas also in digital forensics to offer you the best research with small efforts

We have specialized employees working in digital forensics who are extremely supportive and passionate to help your research and attain your complete potential.

Find out our major research areas in digital forensics below,

Major Research Areas in Digital Forensics

  • Cloud and Mobile cloud forensics
  • Big data analysis
  • Criminal data mining
  • Artifacts of pirates browsers
  • Reverse database engineering
  • Cloud storage artifacts (idrive, and also skydrive)
  • Tamper Resistant Communication Networks
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Forensic data abstraction: disk image, packet capture files, file signatures, extracted named entities, also signature metrics
  • Forensic software: C, C++, Python, Perl, and also Java and guidance software proprietary enScript language.

Digital Forensics in Mobile Forensics

  • Malicious programs
  • Mobile-platform security
  • Mobile operating system
  • Accidental reset
  • Passcode recovery
  • Hardware differences
  • Data modification detection and also prevention

Digital Forensics in Bio Metrics Market

  • Ballistic Forensics
  • Firearm analysis
  • DNA profiling
  • Finger printing analysis

Techniques which are Used in Mobile Anti-Forensics

  • Data hiding
  • Data forgery
  • Secure wiping
  • Time stamping detection
  • Data obfuscation

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Python
  • Volatility
  • WindowsSCOPE
  • Bulk Extractor
  • X-ways forensics
  • OCFA
  • Digital Forensics frameworks
  • SIFT
  • F-Dac
  • NetForceSuite
  • Paraben Forensic Tool
  • EnCase
  • Llib forensics

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • CAINE: Computer Aided Investigative Environment that also used to create digital forensics.
  • Python: IDE based programming language used for digital forensics applications, penetration testing and also cyber security.
  • Volatility: Memory forensics framework to analysis of malware and also incident response
  • WindowsSCOPE: Reverse engineering and also memory forensics tool that used for analyzing volatile memory
  • Bulk Extractor: Computer forensics tool that also used for scan files, directory files and disk images and extract bulk information.
  • X-ways forensics: More advanced platform also to examine digital forensics.
  • OCFA: Open Computer Forensics Architecture also used in open source distributed computer forensics framework.
  • Digital Forensics frameworks: Open source software framework that used for digital forensics
  • F-Dac: Search engine with comprised of carves different files that used to optimize and identify the files based footers and also headers.
  • NetForceSuite: Combinatorial tool which integrated with three tools such as cyber investigator, email tracer and also network session analyzer.
  • Paraben Forensic Tool: Forensic tool also for password recovery, data acquisition, email examination and PDAs etc.
  • EnCase: Multi-purpose forensic platform that also used for evidence based report production and digital forensic process.
  • Llib forensics: Library tool to develop applications also based on digital forensics.
  • SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit: Also known as “SIFT” which is a multi-purpose forensic operating system used also for digital forensics processes.

Major Topics in Digital Forensics

  • Evidence volume
  • Audit trails trust
  • Anti-forensics
  • Tracking botnets
  • Monolithic applications
  • Validation and also testing
  • Network attack attribution
  • Network abnormal behavior analysis
  • Automatic digital audio forensics system
  • Cloud enabled big data storage
  • Forensic data abstraction
  • Modularization and also composability
  • Live big data evidence also from cloud
  • Validation and also scale
  • Bling forensics also in digital images
  • Device diversity
  • Suppressing random artifacts
  • Revisiting urban war nibbling
  • Social network provenance also for image origin classification
  • Pairwise used coupling also based keystroke dynamics
  • Privacy preserving image denoising
  • Browser fingerprinting
  • Privacy preserving mapreduce

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