PhD Guidance in Information Security

PhD Guidance in Information Security

      PhD Guidance in Information Security offers highly detailed research guidance for our students to accomplish their PhD research. Our highly experienced professionals guide our students with more innovative and novel ideas. We also offer the most significant research guidance for students to improve their skills with a minimum span of time. Information security is a recent research area that covers a wide range of knowledge based information security technologies in real-time

The international students get guidance in information security with our top experts who completed their research on time. We also serve nearly 120+ countries over the globe with proving our knowledge and experience. Come and also join with us we stay towards and also assure everyone reaching your success.

PhD Guidance in Information Security Online Let’s see our current working technologies in information security, 

Advanced Technologies in Information-Security

  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • User and entity behavioral analytics
  • Security testing for DevOps
  • Deception
  • Remote Browser
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers
  • Non signature approaches also for endpoint prevention
  • Pervasive trust services
  • Intelligence driven security operations
  • Micro segmentation and also flow visibility

Upcoming Developments in Information-security

  • Security education and also social responsibility
  • Security threats and also vulnerabilities
  • Crime-as-a Service
  • Ransomware of Things (RoT)
  • Mobile security (malware)

Guidance in Information Security

     PhD Guidance in Information Security is your dream place reaching by us for your great accomplishment.  With ten years of experience, many students and scholars start to work on Information security. We also offer students involved in national/international conferences, conducting seminar programs and training sessions for their academic research.  Researchers from any of the countries reach us or contact us for your career growth. We also have world-class certified experts who trained you as per your needs and requirements

Let’s take a look at some of the our research working in information security,

Major Research Areas in Information-Security

  • Cyber security puzzle
  • Protection against Hackers
  • Cyber risk insurance
  • Cyber-security and IoT
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Secure shift network perimeter: ESG report
  • Information security in dilemmas
  • Inevitable HIPAA audit

Next Generation of Information-Security

  • Endpoint detection and response solutions
  • Software defined security
  • Isolation and containment as a Foundational Security Strategy
  • Adaptive Access Control
  • IOC confirmation and also pervasive sandboxing (Content Detonation)
  • Big Data Security Analytics
  • Reputation services also in Machine readable threat intelligence
  • Interactive Security Testing Application
  • Security Gateways and Firewalls for IoT

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Wireshark
  • Flawfinder
  • TBsecure
  • Cryptool
  • Jasypt
  • IBM security AppScan
  • Parasoft
  • Secure Assist
  • PKWare
  • Scrypt
  • FindSecBugs

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Wireshark: Network protocol analyzer also for network traffic packet analysis
  • Flawfinder: Free open source tool to report potential weakness in C and C++ code
  • TBsecure: C coding for standard secure communication that used to determines the issues of buffer overflow, dangling pointers and also out-of bounds array access etc.
  • Cryptool: E-learning tool that used for cryptographic and also cryptanalytic concepts
  • Jasypt: Java simplified encryption (java library) to adding basic functionalities
  • IBM security AppScan: Scanner to enhance web and also mobile application security on both static and dynamic analysis
  • Parasoft: Development Testing Platform also to support static analysis in either IDE or a part of build or continuous integration
  • OWASP-ZAP: Open source and free web application scanner also for security based application development
  • Secure Assist: Commercial and also lightweight static analysis tool to detect security related problems (threats, attacks, vulnerabilities) in development problems.
  • ASIDE: Plugin for application security also in integrated development environment
  • PKWare: Data security software that also provides embedded encryption in data files
  • DIGIPASS: Secure and also user friendly one-button mobile authenticator for any authentication process
  • Scrypt: Key derivation suite function that also offers full document management solutions for all industry fields.
  • FindSecBugs: Plugins for security that also used for Eclipse, Jenkins, Netbeans, Knowledge base, and Sonar.

Major Research Topics in Information Security

  • Privacy and security protection
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Authentication system
  • Access control mechanisms
  • Key cryptographic mechanisms
  • Trusted computing and also identity management
  • Mobile security search mechanism
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Data encryption and also information leakage
  • Fine grained access control
  • Secure shared computation
  • Geo-location privacy
  • Privacy also in context aware environments
  • Social network privacy
  • Bio metrics based security and also privacy in mobile environments
  • Centralized and also de-centralized systems privacy
  • Policy driven approaches also for security
  • Conflicts addressing
  • Counter profiling

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