PhD Thesis in Information Systems

PhD Thesis in Information Systems

      PhD Thesis in Information Systems is an absolute research ground that has influenced scholars from around the world to do thesis on Information systems. It is a widely sought-after research topic due to its abundant power in the modern era because of cybercriminals’ various problems caused by cybercriminals, namely hackers and intruders. Thesis in Information Systems belongs to the category of indicative forensic science of investigation of crime. This field of Information forensics and security has much relevance for today’s world due to its importance in the current scenario and in almost every fieldThesis in Information Systems brings together two very prominent concepts, such as forensics and security; as a result, it gives birth to a new form of technology. This innovative technical field performs the act of investigation of a crime that happened in any computing device. It also deals with crimes such as security breaches and creates basic evidence.

PhD Thesis in Information Systems Online Thesis in Information Systems

     PhD Thesis in Information Systems is a growing field falls under the domain of cyber security. It possesses a library of thesis in information systems topics related to some of the prominent information fields such as information security, biometrics, surveillance, and cybersecurity. Any scholar who wants to show their potential to the world should perform a thesis in information systems projects, which will set you on a successful path also for your career. The world of computing platforms is smaller and also accessible due to various man-made innovations.

It has become more persistent and vastly networked, resulting in people’s quest for information security. Everybody and also every field need security in this fast phasing world. Many defense organizations began their fight against crime, which is also prevalent in India now a day. This is the reason why scholars single-mindedly prefer projects on Information systems.

Major Issues in Information Systems

  • Forensics Issues
  • Cryptography for multimedia
  • Usability & human factors
  • Security of Large Networked Systems
  • Anti-Forensics Detection
  • Adversarial Signal Processing Data Sniffing
  • Anonymous & data privacy
  • Covert Communication & side channel attack
  • Surveillance Information theoretic Security
  • Biometric Security
  • Digital rights management technology
  • Multimedia hashing
  • Watermarking & Steganography
  • Openness, security and also balancing agility
  • Digital security policies in mobile and also cloud computing
  • Ethical and security issues also in cloud computing

Development Tools and Software’s Used

  • Llibforensics
  • GRR
  • DFF
  • Memory debuggers
Softwares/Tools Languages
  • Llibforensics(python)
  • GRR (python)
  • DFF (python)
  • Memory debuggers (C/C++)

The Need for Every Software & Tool

  • Llibforensics: Library to develop digital forensics applications.
  • GRR: Incident response framework works also on remote live forensics.
  • DFF: Open source software to preserve and also reveal digital evidence
  • DUA-FORENSICS: Java analysis and also instrumentation framework built on Soot Analysis Framework.
  • Memory Debuggers: Used also for manual memory management that used in Programming Languages
Other Programming Languages
  • Object Oriented Languages [Small talk, C++, Turbo C++ , also Object C++, Visual Basic]
  • Functional Languages [LISP]
  • Assembly Languages [Large number of processors]
  • Natural Language [Progress also in Artificial Intelligence]

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