PhD Guidance in Security

PhD Guidance in Security

     PhD Guidance in Security is carrying your research and given a great source of information about your doctoral research from your country. We follow the traditional approach and structured PhD program to get your PhD degree on time

We provide an opportunity to work with our research experts and assistants to doing your doctorate research in a dynamic environment. With our huge set of exclusive and inclusive features and research activities, our PhD guidance security is more helpful PhD aspirants. Now let’s think about what is Security,

   “Security is a safeguard or protecting information from authorized persons. For that, many Security based measures are taken to protect it. As we concentrate on Security is network security, network attacks, cloud security, and user’s Security in social networks”.

PhD Guidance in Security Online

    Our organized institute has ISO 9001.2000 certification with 100+ top world-class experts who have collaboratively participate in all your research activities. With our ten years of experience in each field, we can develop any kind of application-based research projects that will show our uniqueness. To know more about our offers, call us 24/7.

Recent Trends in Security

  • Security issues increases IoT complexity and DDoS attacks
  • Double increasing of IPv6 traffic
  • Applying machine learning and Artificial intelligence
  • Evolve continue is Malware
  • Cloud security
  • Disillusionment rises in SDN and takes-off SD-WAN

Guidance in Security

     PhD Guidance in Security is our dream place to offer more and more for our student’s research career. Scholars can set their goals and deadlines for themselves, which is extremely important for PhD research. Even if you don’t set your goals, don’t strive; we guide you accordingly. Day-by-day, we handle our students to reach their dream destination, and we create the opportunity to commit themselves to new ideas and technology.  For your PhD research, conference papers are another important thing that is considered seriously. It illustrates your research work that will finally be incorporated into your thesis. We shaped our students to participate in various conferences and consider the independent feedback of the reviewer comments.

World spread PhD students are our source of learning………………

Advanced Topics in Security

  • Automatic monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Advanced video systems
  • Biometric technologies
  • Barrier modeling and also technology
  • Emergency management and operations
  • Forensics technology also for security
  • Identity management and access control
  • Information encryption, privacy and security
  • Less than lethal weapons technology
  • Malware protection and cyber security
  • National, state and local interoperability
  • Network deployment and also centric systems
  • Operator performance and also training
  • Sensor and also detection technology
  • Threat modeling and also identification
  • User experiences also for security operating
  • Wireless communications security
  • Web reputation
  • Advanced anti-malware beyond blacklisting
  • Breach detection systems
  • Application control i.e. whitelisting
  • Content filtering
  • Host based firewall protection
  • Vulnerability shielding
  • Mobile app repudiation
  • Network and host based intrusion prevention
  • Antiphishing and antispam also for the messaging and web gateways

Development Tools and Software’s

  • HDIV
  • PKWare
  • Jasypt
  • Apache Santuario
  • NeSSi2
  • S3 (Sensor Security Simulator)
  • NETA
  • Duo’s
  • ThreatSim
  • SecCloudSim

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • HDIV: Application framework also for web application security that provides various functions for security
  • ENISA: .NET framework also used for security architecture design
  • OWASP: Open web application security project is an online community that used in web application security field also for creation of freely-available articles, methodologies, tools, technologies etc. 
  • PKWare: Most safe, spyware free and also trusted data security software that used for data file security on the web
  • Jasypt: Java simplified encryption library that also used for basic encryption adding
  • Apache Santuario: Project that aims to providing the functionality of Open source Apache XML security also for JAVA
  • NeSSi2: Open source project and also network security simulator
  • VENTOS: Vehicular Network Open Simulator also for studying vehicular traffic flows and security attacks.
  • S3 (Sensor Security Simulator): Research simulation software also for specific security problems in WSNs.
  • NETA: Useful tool and network attacks framework also for network security to simulate behaviors of heterogeneous attacks using OMNET++.
  • MazeBolts: DDoS testing tool also for phishing awareness program designed to proactively validate the DDoS methodology
  • Duo’s: Duo’s Phishing Simulator that also used to identify vulnerability of the phishing network attacks
  • ThreatSim: Phishing Simulator that also used to fight with phishing attacks.
  • SecCloudSim: Extension of existing iCanCloud Simulator that provides the basic security features also for the authorization and authentication.

Major Research Topics in Security

  • Smart cards security
  • Security in web services
  • Computer security and also applied cryptography
  • Three tier security architecture
  • Privacy and also security issues on social networks
  • Resilience and also security in sensor networks
  • Application in open source
  • WSN self-protection
  • 4G and also 5G wireless network security
  • Security attacks in MANET
  • Intrusion detection system defense