PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

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Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

      PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security is our primary service with the ambition of provides highly confidential research for you to select best topics with the aid of our world level certified expert’s guidance. Today, cloud computing has an emerging or leading paradigm for well-managed and scalable computing. Due to this, researchers will develop broad-based state-of-the-arts technologies, artifacts, key systems, technological trends, underlying business and research direction in scalable distributed systems, modern data center computing, and programming frameworks. It allows widespread adoption of cloud computing.

Every day, we can implement highly confidential research projects in cloud computing with the vision of providing highly sophisticated research topics for our research colleagues. Here, we also provide some of the important aspects of cloud computing security for your reference.

Interesting in Cloud-Computing

  • Security Architecture for Cloud Computing
  • Confidentiality Policy framework for Cloud
  • Data Protection and Information Sharing in Cloud
  • Access Control Mechanisms for Cloud
  • Security Protocols for Cloud Computing
  • Cryptographic Protocols against attacks in Cloud
  • Cryptographic Technologies for Protect Cloud Storage
  • Risk Management in Cloud Environment
  • Visualization for Cloud Computing Security
  • Data Forensics in Cloud Computing
  • Searchable Encryption
  • Accountability and  Privacy in Cloud Storage
  • Privacy and Security in Outsourcing Data Computation
  • Data Mining Based Privacy Preserving for Clouds
  • Confidentiality Security also in Cloud Computing Platforms
  • Identity Management also for Cloud Computing Service
  • Energy and Efficient Security also in Clouds
  • Mechanisms to Implement Security also in Cloud Computing

3rd Party Cloud Service Providers

  • Microsoft Azure (IaaS and PaaS Computing Environment)
  • VMware (Public Cloud Virtualization also with Hybrid Capabilities)
  • Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Technologies Hosting by Google)
  • Amazon Web Services (High Scalable Cloud Platform)
  • DigitalOcean (Simplified Cloud Servers)
  • CloudSigma (Robust Cloud Environment with PaaS)
  • Oracle Cloud (Integrated Public Cloud for Business)
  • Red Hat (Cloud Technology also for Enterprise Clients)
  • iCloud (Integrated Cloud Solution)
  • Jungle Disk (Lean Cloud Storage)

Supported Features in Cloud-Computing

  • Programming Support: .NET/ Java / Python
  • Software Framework: Google App Engine and also Microsoft Azure
  • Applications: YouTube,, Facebook and also Google App
  • Services: K-Virtual Machines, Amazon EC2 and also S3

Key Aspects of Cloud-Computing Security

  • Data Integrity
  • Security Compliance and also Policy
  • Data Segregation
  • Data Location
  • Network Security
  • Data Availability
  • Data Privacy
  • Virtual Machine Security
  • Patch Management
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Security

Security Threats in Cloud Computing

  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Data Loss
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Malware Infection
  • Authentication and also Identify Management
  • Lack of Encryption
  • Co-Resident Attacks
  • Zero-Day Attacks

Tips to keep safe data against threats / attacks

  • Understand and Control Applications to reduce Threat in Cloud Surface
  • Prevent Viruses, Block Vulnerabilities, Malware and also Zero-Day Attacks within app flows
  • Gain Complete Control and also Visibility over applications
  • Implement Reliable Security Posture also to Prevent Threats from network to cloud
  • Protect Cloud Based Data Centers
  • Enable Protection of Software-as-a-Service Applications
  • Comprehensive Cyber-security for SaaS and also Public Cloud Environment
  • Use Anti-Hacking Next Generation Tools also for Secure Data from Malware
  • Encrypt Sensitive Data Before Uploading in Cloud

Current Research Directions

  • Security Aware Efficient Data Transmission also in Mobile Heterogeneous Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Machine Allocation Policies also in Cloud Computing
  • Ensure Fast Decryption and Attribute Privacy Protection also in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • QoS Driven Approach also for Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security also for Cloud Based IoT
  • Fine Grained Data Access Control Mechanism also for P2P Cloud Storage
  • Smart Card Authentication also in Multimedia Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Based IoT for Secure and also Intelligent Health Monitoring
  • Revocable Storage Identity Based Encryption also in Cloud
  • Privacy Preserved Full Text Retrieval Algorithm also for Cloud Storage
  • Homomorphic Encryption also in Cloud computing
  • Intelligent Cryptography also for Big Data Storage in Cloud
  • Data Integrity Verification also in Cloud
  • Access Control Model also for Secure Cloud Storage Framework

Other Major Research Issues in Cloud Computing

  • Data Encryption
  • Energy Management
  • Server Consolidation
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Access Control
  • Cloud Data Management and also Security
  • Interoperability
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Virtual Machines Migration
  • Platform Management
  • Common Cloud Standard
  • Availability and also Reliability of Service

Latest Topics for PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

  • Consolidate Energy Efficient and Security Aware Virtual Machine also in Cloud Computing Systems
  • Analyze Network Data with Security and also IDS Visualization Using Virtual Machine Platform and Methodology
  • Cryptographic Hash Function Algorithm also for Mobile Based Cloud Computing Security
  • For Efficient Mobile Communication also Using Effective Multi-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Scheme in Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Cloud Service Certification Using Trustworthy and also Semi Automatic Scheme
  • Efficient and Secure data Collaboration with Encryption also Based on Hierarchical Attribute in Cloud Computing
  • Fairness Aware and Security Aware Resource Allocation also Using Credit Based Scheme in Cloud Computing
  • Hidden Markov for Resource Allocation also Based on Imperfect Information Dynamic Stacklberg Game in Cloud Computing

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