PhD Guidance in Software Defined Networking

PhD Guidance in Software Defined Networking

     PhD Guidance in Software Defined Networking our greatest assistance platform to accomplish your PhD research. Our organization consists of 100+ world-class renowned experts in this world who lightens our students’ burden. “Software-Defined Networking is a computer network technology to approach networks with the wide range of open protocols such OpenFlow to administrating and controlling the network by flexible and agile manner.”  Today, SDN works in various application environments like cloud architectures, data center virtualization, the internet of things, etc. With our research facilities and superb supports, you are shined for every opportunity for academic success.

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Let’s deliberates about our software defined networking research concern,

PhD Guidance in Software Defined Networking Online HelpRecent Trends in Software-Defined-Networking

  • NFV broad adoption at the carrier edge
  • WAN Redesign
  • New and advanced SD-WAN technologies
  • WAN Redesign
  • SDN beyond Data Center
  • Enterprise comes from NFV
  • Low power wireless access takes of
  • SD-WAN providers enabled high speed access to cloud based apps
  • VMware and also Cisco at the forefront of SDN
  • VMware certified Network virtualization
  • Vendor neutral SDN
  • Brocade Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Guidance in Software Defined Networking

    PhD Guidance in Software Defined Networking unique and latest service platform to offer massive amount of services and offers worldwide research topics with ease of research guidance. We have successfully crossed our ten years of working as we share our expertise to improve our student’s skills for both in the research and academic field to satisfy your university/college/institution regulations and affiliations. 

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Advanced Concepts in Software-Defined-Networking

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Access control models in SDN
  • Network virtualization
  • Openflow and SDN protocol
  • SDN access control models
  • Software defined storage
  • Storage abstraction and also automation
  • Policy driven storage provisioning
  • Software defined virtualization and also servers
  • Software-defined security and also security policies automation
  • SDS based security protocols
  • Self-management SDN systems
  • Datacenters in software defined networking
  • Automatic computing techniques for SDN
  • Software defined systems scalability
  • Real-time load prediction model also for user satisfaction optimization
  • Software defined systems optimization
  • Software-frameworks and also tools to support SDS
  • SDS threats system insight on social engineering
  • Penetration testing and incident handling also with SDS
  • Software defined systems also with IoT
  • Privacy and security of cloud computing also based on mobile SDS
  • Service portability, P2P and also service oriented architectures
  • Cloud based radio access networks and also network virtualization

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Mininet
  • Estinet
  • OMNET++
  • Pyretic
  • CloudSimSDN
  • OpenNet
  • NS-3
  • OpenDaylight
  • STS
  • OpenIRIS
  • SDNSim
  • Floodlight
  • Ofomnet
  • OpenSDNCore

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Mininet: Simulation software that used to creates a realistic virtual network and it also implement, share and also simulate OpenFlow and software defined networking systems.
  • Estinet: Open Flow based network emulator and also simulator that used for SDN research purpose.
  • OMNET++: World leading network simulator that also used to simulate all types of networks
  • Pyretic: A new programming language also for SDN licensed under Frenetic project
  • CloudSimSDN: Simulation framework also for SDN enabled cloud environments by using CloudSim simulator
  • OpenNet: Software defined wireless local area network and LTE backhaul network simulator for simulation and also modeling. It supported in Ubuntu 14.04.5
  • NS-3: Discrete event network simulator that also supported in OpenFlow Environment
  • OpenDaylight: Open source and free SDN controller framework that used to manage virtual switches and also virtual host’s emulated network.
  • STS: Expanded in SDN Troubleshooting Simulator also for SDN network simulation and modeling
  • OpenIRIS: Open version of IRIS (IRIS-Open flow based SDN controller) used to solve the issues such as availability and also scalability of SDN
  • SDNSim: Open source free compact simulator also for SDN simulation and emulation.
  • Floodlight: Leading open source and also java based OpenFlow controller support for BigSwitch networks
  • Ofomnet: OpenFlow System (INET 2.0) and also OMNET++ (4.2) that used to change and support SDN model to wireless scenarios.
  • OpenSDNCore: Virtualization testbed to realize NFV and also DSN in SDN and NFV environment

Major Research Topics in Software-Defined-Networking

  • Open Flow in SDN
  • Cellular network in SDN
  • Performance, interoperability and also scalability
  • Data and also control plane separation
  • Logically centralized control
  • Networks integration
  • Managing and also controlling the network
  • Clouds and also wireless networks
  • Distributed controller design
  • Customized and also dynamic measurement etc.