Networking Thesis Topics for Computer Science

Networking Thesis Topics for Computer Science

      Networking Thesis Topics for Computer Science provide miraculous research platform for you to get our complete guidance for the purpose of prepare your intellectual networking research thesis. These days, a great part of students and research scholars are chosen networking-based research areas for their research due to its advanced developments and emergence of networking. We provide highly confidential research for you to accomplish your computer science graduation successfully

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Thesis Topics for Computer Science

     Networking Thesis Topics for Computer Science offer highly sophisticated research topics also for you to chosen uptrend research computer network topics with the help of our miraculous knowledgeable experts. Networking research covers the operating system’s essential aspects, networking, distributed systems, security, and Privacy is a collaborative and high impact area that reflects different research, including Robust Protocol Design. Nearly we have also implemented thousands of groundbreaking networking researches to provide the best research for worldwide students and research colleagues. Let’s have a glance over some of the important information about networking research for you.  

Interesting Research Ideas in Networking

MAC and Cross Layer Design:
  • MAC for Cloud Networking
  • Implementation, Prototypes and Testbeds
  • Scheduler for Cooperative and also Relay Systems
  • Time Critical MAC Development
  • MAC for MANET and VANET
  • Cognitive Medium Access Controls
  • Adaptive Medium Access Controls
  • MAC for Low Power Embedded Networks
  • Delay Tolerant MAC Development
  • Cross Layer Design (MAC)
  • Joint Access and also Backhaul Scheduler Development
  • Information Theoretical Approaches
  • Scheduler also for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
  • QoS/QoE Enabling MAC
  • Reconfigurable Medium Access Controls
  • Radio Resource Allocation, Scheduling and also Management
  • Dynamic Spectrum Management
PHY and Other Networking Requisites:
  • Beamforming and Antennas
  • DSP/VLSI Devices and also Circuit
  • Wireless Broadband also for IoE/IoT, 5G etc
  • Synchronization Techniques
  • Radio Access, RoF/FiWi, OW, FSO
  • Power Efficient Communications
  • Performance of PHY (Outage, Capacity, also BER)
  • Multi-Antenna Signal Processing
  • Green and Cognitive Radio
  • Channel Equalization and also Estimation
  • Channel and Source Coding
  • PHY Network Security and also Coding
  • Artificial Intelligence and also Machine Learning
  • Vehicular Communications
  • Wireless Power Transfer and also Energy Harvesting
  • Wireless Signal Processing
  • Propagation (Light-Wave, Terahertz and also Millimeter Wave)
Wireless and Mobile Networks:
  • Future Wireless Internet
  • Cloud and Virtual Networks
  • Multi Hop Networks
  • Satellite Communications
  • UAV Networks
  • Green Wireless Networks
  • QoS, Routing and also Scheduling
  • Mobile Computing
  • Local Dependent Networks
  • Wireless Broadcasting, Geo-casting and also Multicasting
  • Wireless and Mobile IP
  • Location Management
  • Personal and Body Area Sensor Networks
  • Ad Hoc and also Sensor Networks
  • Network Architecture
Major Network Services:
  • Authentication
  • Virtualization
  • Content Caching and also Delivery
  • Intrusion Detection and also Mitigation
  • Multimedia Broadcasting
  • Secure Networks and also Service Access
  • Profiling and Personalization
  • Security and Privacy also in Internet of Things
  • Mobile Payment Service
  • Service Discovery and Access
  • Location Based Services
  • Sensor Cloud Integration
  • User Machine Interactions and also User Interfaces
  • Wireless and also Mobile Internet Services
  • Service Delivery
  • Context Awareness
Major Network Applications:
  • Wireless Big Data Applications
  • Wireless for Wearable, Robotics and also Implants
  • Mobile Online Gaming
  • Mobile Social Network P2P also for Multimedia
  • Pervasive Systems
  • Cloud Computing and also Service Oriented Architectures
  • Emerging Wireless and Mobile Applications
  • Tactile Internet Applications and also Service
  • Edge Computing Applications
  • Mobile E-Health
  • Wireless Emergency and also Security Applications

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