PhD Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

PhD Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

     PhD Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network is a short form of our service about VANET. Our infinite potential, spirit, and source are illustrated our expertise and experience in the respective field. Vehicular Adhoc Network is created from the ad hoc network, consisting of a number of vehicle nodes to provide V2V communication and V2I communications. Current research on VANET is clustering and routing, data dissemination, cross-layer design, MAC protocol design, IPv6, and also IP mobility deployment, etc.

We actualized your dream and also transformed the ideas into reality. Over the past ten decades, our world-class developers are well-versed in all research applications and know the current issues of VANET. As a part of this, we served nearly 5000+ research scholars from worldwide. Our services and offers are never endless. Let today also be the new day, start with us, and you can get a lot from us.

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PhD Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Online HelpNext Generation of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

  • Driveless Everything
  • Vehicular Cloud
  • Real-time logistics
  • Self-driving trucks
  • Robotics
  • Predictive networks
  • Autonomous vehicle in the real world
  • 5G enabled vehicular networks
  • Machine learning also based cyber security
  • Seamless roaming and also vertical handoff
  • Sleep enabled RSU also for motorway vehicular networks

Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

     PhD Guidance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network is our inspirational guidance to motivate our students and research fellows to do their doctoral research. Don’t stop until you reach your dream. We also consider all your ideas and thoughts to present well-defined research in all aspects like research proposal writing, research paper writing, paper publication, and also final viva voce support.

Our institution has certified by ISO 9001.2000, which means that we also offer only quality work for our individual students. Till now, we also served thousands of customers from more than 120+ countries, and our branch is located at nearly 50+ branches across the world. Here’s we enumerated advanced concepts and development software’s also for your better knowing,

Advanced Concepts in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

  • Privacy and security in VANET
  • Routing and MAC protocols
  • Hybrid sensor also for VANET
  • Traffic, channel and also network modeling
  • Mobility management and also modeling
  • Cognitive Radio also for VANET
  • Automotive context-aware also in VANET
  • Big data in vehicular carriers
  • Real time data analysis also in VANET
  • Secured communication in VANETs
  • OFDM design parameters also on V2X
  • Big data also based vehicular density analysis
  • Mobile femtocell utilization under LTE environment
  • WSN based smart vehicular system also using authentication protocol
  • Cross layer optimization and also cooperation techniques
  • Vehicular delay tolerant network
  • Vehicular traffic demand also on caching architecture 5G

Development Tools and Software’s

  • VNS
  • VANETMobiSim
  • SUMO
  • Veins
  • VANETSim
  • SCSimulator
  • TraNS
  • MOVE
  • FreeSim
  • Citymob
  • GrooveNET
  • NCTuns

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • VNS: High performance based simulator which reduce communication overhead also by integration of network and mobility components
  • VANETMobiSim: It is an extension of CanuMobiSim (CANU mobility Simulation Environment) that also used for user mobility modeling
  • SUMO: Traffic simulator which facilitate the infrastructure evaluation changes and also policy changes.
  • Veins: Open source framework also used for running vehicular network simulations
  • VANETSim: Simulation software also used for security and privacy concepts in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
  • VENTOS: Combined C++ simulator to study about Vehicular traffic flows, collaborative driving and also interactions between infrastructure and vehicle through wireless communication DSRC capability.
  • SCSimulator: Scalable and also open source smart city simulator
  • TraNS: Integrated tool (NS2 with SUMO) or GUI based tool for generating realistic simulations of VANETs
  • MOVE: Mobility model generator built on top of the SUMO that also rapidly generates simulations of VANET
  • FreeSim: Open source, free flow, portable microscopic and macroscopic traffic simulator also used to create and execute for individual vehicular nodes.
  • Citymob: Open source, highly portable and also GUI based mobility model generator used in vehicular adhoc networks.
  • GrooveNET: Open source hybrid simulator that also used to integrate both mobility and network simulator
  • NCTuns: VANET simulator that also used to combines network and traffic simulator

Major Research Topics in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

  • Unnecessary transmissions avoidance
  • Antenna and also sensor design
  • OBU specifications
  • Broadcasting algorithms design
  • Driver OBU interface
  • VANET privacy issues
  • QoS in VANET
  • Broadcasting schemes
  • Signal fading and also connectivity
  • Network specification: RSU-to-RSU communication
  • Efficient and also adaptive channel estimation algorithm design