Master Thesis VANET Projects in Ns2

Master Thesis VANET Projects in Ns2

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VANET Projects in NS2

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Master Thesis Vanet Projects in NS2 Online Important Features about VANET

  • Frequently changes highly dynamic network structure
  • Road side units and vehicles are also indicated as node in VANET
  • Time to time vehicular density varies [day time-peak level while night time it decreases]
  • Inherit the intrinsic security problems associated also with wireless networks
  • In road topology followed restricted area to move node fast and also motion patterns
  • Receiving information by vehicles [For receiving and sending at same time]
  • To enable communication infrastructure among also road sides and communication among vehicles

Attacks in VANET

  • Denial of service attack
  • Broadcast Tampering
  • Black hole attack
  • Malware
  • Spamming
  • Tunneling
  • Position Faking
  • Reply attack
  • Masquerading
  • GPS Spoofing
  • Message suppression/fabrication/alteration
  • Message tampering
  • Key and /or certificate replication

 Let’s see the various type of the VANET based NS2 network simulator and its features for your reference

Traffic and Network Simulation environment [TraNS]
  • It is used to simulate large and small networks and also open source GUI tool
  • Generate realistic mobility traces of NS2 from SUMO also by TraNSLite
  • Generate realistic simulation of vehicular Ad hoc network also with help of network simulator[NS2] and traffic simulator integration[SUMO]
  • It allows the information exchanged also in a VANET to influence the vehicle behavior in the mobility model
NS2 with MOVE
  • The purpose of realistic network simulation used in NS2
  • It runs on the top of micro traffic simulator SUMO and it is implemented in java
  • MOVE-Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator
  • It main purpose is development of a new emission factor and also inventory model for mobile source emissions
NS2 with VANETMobiSim
  • User mobility modeling provide also for flexible framework
  • CanuMobiSim is a extension [communication in Ad hoc networks for ubiquitous computing mobility simulator]
  • CanuMobiSim is a java based application also with a GUI. [Generate movement traces in different formats supporting different simulation like NS2 for mobile networks
NS2 with VISIM
  • VISIM [Need good knowledge about NS2 and TCL also for make rapid configuration and necessary modification]
  • Provides better simulation visualization to the users and it is not a simulation engine rather it calls NS2 simulation in the background.
  • It is also graphical simulation tool mainly focused on VANET routing protocol comparison and simulation

Major Research Areas and Applications of VANET:

Major Research Areas:

  • Directional antennas effects
  • Other wireless network and also working on its specific issue or employing sensor networks
  • Security issues [Security algorithms, traceability, and also in encryptions etc.]
  • Route update mechanism
  • Topology based issues [addressing system, range optimization, also routing mechanism etc.]
  • Green wave-based virtual traffic light management scheme
  • Reducing vehicle emission
  • Fault tolerance evaluation
  • Accessing mobile technologies also in VANET

Major Applications of VANET:

  • Safety Application [Collision avoidance system, accident avoidance system]
  • Congestion rate estimation
  • Traffic safety applications
  • High speed emergency lane
  • Intelligent transportation system
  • VANET security analysis
  • Driver assistance system with data analytics
  • Flexible testbed architecture
  • Four way vehicular radio module

Current Infotainment Applications:

  • It applications uses like hospitals, malls, fuel station, also finding the nearest destination etc.
  • Provide useful messages to the driver and also passenger and support all kinds of entertainment
  • Transformers approved also for infotainment systems
  • Ensure reliable data acquisition also using trust model

Latest Traffic Management and Monitoring Applications:

  • Provides updated local information, messages and also maps bounded with time and space
  • Focus on the enhancement of vehicle traffic flow, traffic assistance and also traffic coordination
  • Optimizing mobile traffic management also using extending delay tolerance of mobile applications
  • Auto and manual controlling using PC and also Android application in intelligent traffic monitoring system

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