PhD Research Topics in Computer Networks

PhD Research Topics in Computer Networks

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PhD Research Topics in Computer Networks Online Research Topics in Computer Networks

     PhD Research Topics in Computer Networks offers highly confidential research concepts for you to select best computer network topics with the help of our marvelous brilliants. We have high computer network experience-based research topics like scheduling, clustering, routing, security, load balancing, etc. Also, we accomplished thousands of computer networks based research projects on various research topics. Our standardized research work speaks about our quality.

There are wide ranges of security software, network simulators, and networking tools are available today. We use the latest versions of software and tool with our high experience and innovative & creative ideas to provide highly effective projects. Now, we highlighted some important information about Topics in Computer Networks.

Advance Research Areas for PhD Research

  • Software Defined Networks
  • Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks
  • Macro Femto Hybrid Network
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Multi Hop Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Community Networks
  • Opportunistic Mobile Networks
  • Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Social Networks
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Hybrid Wireless Networks
  • Multichannel Wireless Networks
  • Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Information Centric Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks

Clustering Based Research Ideas

  • Optimize Multi Level Clustering in Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks
  • Distribute Node Clustering in Coalition Formation Game
  • Multi Mode Clustering Model for Hierarchical WSN
  • Bio-Inspired Clustering Mechanism for Smart Learning Environment
  • Detect Black Hole Attack Using Secure and Hybrid Clustering Technique
  • Spectral Clustering Based Fuzzy Nodes Recognition in Complex System
  • Clustering fMRI Data Using an Innovative Layered Data Reduction Mechanism

Routing Based Research Ideas

  • EE-ARM (Energy Efficient Adaptive Routing Mechanism) for Two Hop Information Based Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Implement EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) in IPv6
  • Battery Power and Energy Harvesting Based Routing in WSN
  • Multi Metric Geographic Routing in VANET
  • Fast and Reliable Data Transmission for Congested WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • E-AODV Routing Protocol for improve Ad Hoc Network Lifetime
  • Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks Using Energy Balanced Loop Free Routing Protocol
  • Adaptive Quota Stretchy Routing also for DTN (Delay Tolerant Networks)
  • Optimized QoS Multipath Routing also for Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Load Balancing Multipath Routing also in MANET

Load Balancing Based Research Ideas

  • Global Server Load Balancing also for Private VIP
  • Load Balancing Database also in Cloud
  • Content Distribution Network Load Balancing also in Cloud Environment
  • Predication Flags also for Efficient Processor Load Balancing
  • Stochastic Load Balancing also for VRM (Virtual Resource Management)
  • Non-cooperative Game for Femtocell also Based Load Balancing
  • Time Dependent Load Balancing also in Optical Data Center Networks

Queue Management Based Research Ideas

  • Packet Scheduling and also IETF Active Queue Management to Manage Network Queues
  • RED (Random Early Detection) also for ZigBee’s Coordinator Queue Management
  • Queue Management also for TFRC Eradicating Congestion over Wired Environment
  • Load and also Traffic Aware Queue Dynamic Queue Management
  • Design Intelligent Queue Management to Control Latency and also Latency Variation
  • Improve VM to VM Communication and also Live VM Migration Traffic by Queue Management
  • Implement Flexible Virtual Machine Communication also Using HTB and FQ CODEL

Scheduling Based Research Ideas

  • Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling also Based on Value of Information
  • Improve Event Aware Backpressure Scheduling also for Emergency IoT
  • Hybrid Algorithm Using Particle Swarm Optimization and also Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Cloud Task Scheduling
  • Quality of Service Driven Task Scheduling also in Cloud
  • Radio Resource Scheduling Design also for Spectrum and Power Utilization in LTE Systems
  • Integrate Link Scheduling and also Admission Control in Wireless Mesh Networks

Security Based Research Ideas

  • Bayesian Inference Based Detection Mechanism also for Medical Smart Networks
  • Improve Security in Remote User Authentication also for Multi Server Environment
  • Traffic Aware QoS Control Mechanism also for Virtualized Networks Based on SDN
  • Enhance Security in SDN for Home and also Enterprise Networks
  • Distribution of Secure Inter-Cluster Multiple Key also in WSN
  • Analyze Security Problems also in Content Centric Networking

Congestion Control Mechanisms Based Research Ideas

  • Traffic Assignment Factor Based Congestion prevention and also Mitigation Mechanism in MANET
  • Smart Fairness Mechanism also in SCTP Over Wireless Multi Hop Networks
  • Smart Congestion Control in LTE Systems also for RRC Connected Mode
  • TCP Congestion Control with Software Defined Networks also for IoT Applications
  • Congestion Control Mechanism also for Concurrent Multipath Data Transfer in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

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