Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks

            Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks provides lot of ongoing projects topics on computer networks. Currently, students and also scholars have focused on wireless networks and also computer security. To ensure the standard of our research activities, we continuously update with recent technological innovations. Our experts can also fight with emerging technological challenges and respond with new ideas to ensuring sufficient flexibility due to our seven years of experience. We also offer basic and advanced tutoring services in any specific domain for students and scholars by our great experts.

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Latest Research Topics

           Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks created by us in the concern of enhance students and scholars knowledge in computer networks. A computer network is an interesting field to facilitate communication through video conferencing, instant messaging, and also email over the Internet.

We have also completed nearly 1000+ projects in computer networks using various simulation tools, including NS2/NS3, Omnet++, Opnet, Qualnet, and other programming languages like Matlab, Matlab Simulink, and also Java. We also have provided below a few latest research topics in computer networks and major research areas also for your reference:

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks Online Major Research Area in Networking

  • Security

                           -Network security

                           -Cyber security



                           -Data security

                           -Information security

                           -Grid security

                           -Product security

                           -Key distribution and also management

  • Data Center Networking

                     –Cloud Computing:

                           -Applications through Internet e.g. Google Docs

                           -Backup and also storage through Internet e.g. Microsoft’s Azure

                           -Computing through Internet e.g. Amazon EC2/S3

                           -Geo replicated cloud storage

                           -Cloud services resource allocation

                           -Service centric networking

                           -Content aware search system

                           -Data replication and also consistency problem in multiple cloud

  • Energy Networking

                   –Ad hoc networks:

                           -Wireless space networks

                           -Wireless sensor networks

                           -Body sensor networks

                           -Vehicular ad hoc networks

                           -Underwater sensor networks

                           -Energy management also in mobile networks

  • Mobile and Wireless Networking

                           -Anomaly detection detection and prevention

                           -Bot net detection

                           -Mobile cloud computing security

                           -Ad hoc mobile networks also in IoT

                           -Scheduling also in mobile cloud computing

  • Next Generation Internet

                           -Intrusion Detection System


                           -Velocity Compiler

                           -Social based routing

                           -Human trust and also security in social networks

  • Software Defined Networking

                           -Control plane and also Data plane separation

                           -Multi tenants also in the Datacenter

                           -5G technology

  • M2M Communications in IoT

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks

  • Network controller also for 3G/4G/5G mobile and wireless networks
  • Genetic Algorithms also in network routing
  • Ultra wide band networking
  • Tolerant routing also based on mobile ad hoc network
  • Peer-to-peer keyword searching
  • Switch selection in SDN
  • Protocol layering also in Microsoft windows
  • Smart sensor networks also using Bluetooth
  • Ultra wideband networking
  • Flexible optical networking
  • Non Ethernet applications also for industrial Ethernet cabling
  • Distribute firewalls based data security also in local network
  • Network management and also security
  • Privacy defiance also in cloud/distributed systems/big data
  • Pervasive security enabled host devices
  • Anonymous traffic networks
  • Software defined networking vulnerabilities

         We also provided a few latest research topics in computer networks. For more information, contact our experts online or offline. In addition, We also support our students in projects, document writing, and also current technologies.If you need assistance for any specific technology, we also provide you the best outcome for your project….