PhD Thesis in SDN Projects

PhD Thesis in SDN Projects

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Thesis in SDN Projects

     PhD Thesis in SDN Projects is our everlasting thesis preparation service began with the vision of serve PhD scholars in all over the world. These days, most PhD scholars felt in the thesis preparation part and require the best guidance to prepare their thesis. Due to this, we provide amazing thesis preparation service also for you to complete your thesis with high standard.

We provide step-by-step guidance in each stage of your research, including research topic selection, synopsis preparation, research thesis preparation, project design and implementation, and final viva voce. Our guidance is completely covered both theoretical and also practical concepts. Through our inclusive guidance, we can also successfully complete your research viva voce without any complexity. Here, we also highlighted some of the important aspects of SDN (Software Defined Networks).

Advanced Research in SDN

  • SDN Support IP Address Mobility also in Future LTE Network
  • Software Defined Cellular Networks
It supports

                    -Frequency Mobility

                    -Real Time Adaptation

                    -Fine Grained Measurement and Control

                    -Many Subscribers

Provides Fine Grained Packet Classifier
  • Software Defined Mobile Networks
  • Software Defined Network also for 5G Networks

Interesting Ideas in SDN

  • SDN Based Network QoS
  • A SDN or NFV Approaches for High Throughput
  • SDN Infrastructure Management
  • The process of SDN Deployment and also Operation
  • SDN Testbeds
  • Interesting SDN Network Orchestration
  • SDN Based Network SLAs
  • SDN/NFV Approaches also for Low Latency
  • SDN Based Network Overlays
  • Service Monitoring and Efficient Network also for SDN
  • SDN Based Network Monitoring
  • SDN/NFV Approaches also for Big Data
  • SDN and NFV Based Green Cloud Computing
  • SDN-and-NFV also Based Cloud Computing
  • SDN and NFV Allowed Cloud Manages and also Infrastructure
  • Traffic Engineering in SDN
  • Policy and Resource Management also in SDN
  • IPv6 Based Software Defined Networks
  • Transitioning Existing Networks to SDN
  • Resource, Function and also Service Virtualization in SDN
  • Support also for Error Free SDN

Reason for Using SDN

  • SDN reduce effort in network device configuration also by dedicated admin
  • SDN provides solution also for data traffic and data streaming

                -Decrease data traffic significantly in current big IT topics of big data, cloud computing, visualization, internet of things and also BYOD

               -Regard coordinating and also planning data streams in network

Controllers / Switches for SDN

  • Indigo
  • ONOS
  • Vneio/sdnc
  • Beacon
  • Cherry
  • OpenvSwitch
  • Neuron
  • B4N
  • ONIX
  • OpenDaylight
  • Ryu Controller
  • Floodlight
  • Juniper SDN
  • Opendaylight SDN
  • Nicira/VMware
  • OpenFlow

SDN Controllers / Switches Supported Protocols

  • Open vSwitch Database Management (OVSDB) Protocol
  • Open Flow Protocol
  • Intermediate System – Intermediate System (IS-IS) Protocol
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Protocol
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

Latest Topics for SDN Projects

  • Software Defined Networks Using Adaptive Cloud Prototype Model also for Health Care System
  • Control Plane Modernism also in Inter DC Software Defined Elastic Optical Networks to Realize Dynamic Configuration of Multicast Sessions
  • Improved Packet Delay and also Loss Using Flow Table Design in PSO Algorithm Based Software Defined Networks
  • Software Defined Networks Based Cloud Environments also Using Tenant Driven Network Traffic Extraction
  • CFP8 Client Commercial Flexible and Deployed ROADM System also for Software Defined Network Controlled 400GbE E2E (End to End) Service
  • Verify Network Function Visualization Performance also in Software Defined Optical Transport Networks
  • Test Messages also for Data Path Performance Measurements in (SDN) Software Defined Networks
  • Optical Data Wavelength Selective Unicast and also Multicast Using software Defined Control Plane in Silicon Photonic Platform
  • Software Defined Network Principles also for Enable Dynamic Re-configurability of Software Defined Radio
  • Open Flow Architecture also for Managing Popularity Caching Strategy Based Content Centric Network (CCN)

                  For your reference, we previously mentioned some of the information about SDN, such as interest in SDN, the reason for using SDN, advanced research, controllers/switchers, protocols, and the latest topics in SDN. If you want to acquire more information about SDN, Contact our branch immediately.

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