PhD Thesis in Network Simulator 2

PhD Thesis in Network Simulator 2

     PhD Thesis in Network Simulator 2 offer you innovative platform to shine your research career in thesis writing. We provide a Thesis in Network Simulator 2 with various researches focused on network communication. Our world-class research analyst guides and supports our research scholars and students to complete their network communication research. We embed various new protocols and designs in the thesis.

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PhD Thesis in Network Simulator 2 Online Thesis in Network Simulator 2

     PhD Thesis in Network Simulator 2 is started with the collaborative efforts to provide high quality of thesis writing guidance for research scholars and students. We support across layer model in Ns2 to improve various network performance and network quality factor. And we also use to improve high-quality transmission in-network for the use of cross-layer network model. We focused on the latest and innovative concepts to expose among researchers and students to increase our popularity worldwide.

Let’s see some of the important information about Ns2 that are as follows

Preliminaries for PhD Thesis-Writing

  • Cover page
  • Title Page
  • Declarations by Student
  • Certificate by Research Guide
  • Approval of Thesis
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures, Tables or Illustrations
  • List of Abbreviations (optional)
  • Abstract
PhD Thesis Should has the followings,
  • Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the field
  • Critical analysis of related work
  • Importance (relevance) of own work

      Ns2 is an open-source network simulator used to simulate networks to analyze the network’s overall behavior and performance. Ns2 is written in two major languages C++ and TCL. Let’s have crisp knowledge about the two major languages of Ns2.

TCL Script

  • Supported GUI and virtual file mechanism, It’s highlighted features like shorter syntax, no reserved keywords also for make easy to use Ns2
  • Object oriented TCL [OTCL] programming language also used to interpreter with a built in library of network simulation objects
  • Ns2 uses TCL (Tool Command Language) scripting language also for configuration
  • Configure the file in NS2 using TCL and also mainly supported functions like

-Node configuration and generation

-Colored link generation

-Packet transmission and topology generation

-Graph generation (X- graph) etc.

C++ Programming

  • Supported functions like, algorithm implementation, packet processing, byte manipulation, also bug fixing etc.
  • Overall implementation of Ns2 is also based on the linking of OTCL also with C++. OTCL is written in C++.
  • NS2 coding we used C++

Necessary of OTCL with C++

  • Make a C++ class “Myobj”
  • Make utility also for incorporate the classed into NS2
  • Myobj and MyOTCLObj both classes’ names bind together.

Our Support for Event Driven Simulation in Ns2

  • We implement fixed time interval to event driven simulation
  • In event list stored occurrence time also for every time stamped
  • Simulation run till event list is to be empty and also starts with beginning event
  • The event list with time stamp we can retrieve and also remove the event
  • Every new event is stamped with time and also adds to event list for execution. One or more events can also be added at execution time

Our Ns2 Wireless Areas Support

  • Wireless communication
  • Multihop wireless network
  • Wireless body area network
  • Wireless-network simulation
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Dynamic wireless sensor network
  • Wireless ad hoc communication network
  • Wireless-access network
  • Wireless multimedia sensor networks
  • Wireless-sensor network

      We also hope that the abovementioned information is adequate to get crisp knowledge about the Thesis in Network Simulator 2. Apart from that, we have also supported other simulators like Ns3, OMNET++ and also OPNET, etc. Please feel free to contact us if we can also be of further assistance.

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