Projects in Network Simulators

Projects in Network Simulators

      Projects in Network Simulators offer breathtaking service for you to select advanced research topics with the aid of our outstanding experts. Day by day, thousands of students and research scholars are utilizing our Network Simulators service from different countries in the world. We provide complete assistance for you in the topic/domains section, technology selection, and project implementation. And also, we provide an implementation plan before starting your project development.

We update newfangled ideas and innovative thoughts for you to offer our best of best to successfully finish your academic projects with grand success. Our training is more helpful for you to attain the best career in this competitive world. We are only working for your satisfaction and improvement. If you are eager to get our Network Simulator Service, you can approach us 24/7/365 days.

Projects in Network Simulator Help Online Network Simulators

      Projects in Network Simulators service starts with the vision of provide best of best for you to achieve your goal in future. Our expert experts in network simulation with high experience provide highly sophisticated network simulation projects for students and research scholars. 

We can easily use any network simulators to implement various applications in any research domain without any difficulties. Today, technological research is rapidly growing focus on modeling and simulation in cybersecurity, cyber networks, cognitive computing, data mining, distributed computing, cloud computing, mobile computing, computing tools, simulation tools, system performance, applications, data, and computer communications. In below, we highlighted some of the emerging technologies, issues, and applications in network simulation for your reference.

Major Emerging Technologies

  • Economic Traffic Management
  • FI element Mobility and Visualization Technology
  • Service Composition and Service Oriented Architectures
  • Scalable Future Internet Services
  • Automatic Code Generation for Aircraft System
  • Ad Hoc and Sensor Network
  • Future Internet Transport Concepts
  • Self-Optimizing and Self-Configuring Cellular Networks
  • IPv6 and IPv6 Derivatives
  • Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Mesh Networks and Femtocells
  • Future Internet Routing Schemes

Major Emerging Issues

  • Network Control Plane
  • Energy Awareness and Energy Efficiency
  • Coarse Grained Quality of Service Solutions
  • Quality of Experience
  • Security and Privacy Mechanism
  • Repairable Multi-State Availability Allocation
  • Network Management System
  • Flexible to Realize Innovations
  • Support Mobility of Devices, Sessions, Users, Services and Networks

Major Applications

  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Networks
  • Fog Computing
  • Content Centric Networks
  • Grid Computing
  • Location Aware and Multilevel Mobile Service
  • Parallel Computing
  • Multimedia (V2X Communication)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Internet Governance
  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Networks and Overlays

Research Ideas in Wireless and Mobile-Networks:

  • Green, Energy Efficient, Low Power and Sustainable Networking
  • Cooperative and Cognitive Principles for Networking
  • Mobile Ambient and Social Networks
  • Optimize Cross Layer Design
  • Cognitive Radio also for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Routing Protocols and also Access
  • Security and also Privacy Issues
  • Bio-Inspired and also Nature Approaches to Networking
  • Integration, Inter-Working and also Convergence Issues
  • Traffic Congestion, Engineering and also Admission Control
  • Quality of Service Provisioning and also Resource Management
  • Localize Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network Mobility and also Terminal
  • Business Model and also Techno-Economic Analysis for Emerging Networks
  • Network Regulation and also Standards
  • Network-enabled Services and also Applications
  • Mobile Wireless Broadband Access Networks

Research Ideas in Vehicular-Networks and IPv6 Mobility

  • Micro and Macro Mobility
  • Wireless Multicasting
  • IPv6 Geo Networking
  • Vehicular IPv6 Communications
  • Wireless Broadband Mobile Access
  • MAC and Physical Layer Issues
  • Vehicular and also Cognitive Networks Security Issues
  • Wireless and also Mobile IPv6
  • Seamless Inter-Technology Handovers
  • Location, Mobility and also Handoff Management
  • Topology Control and also Mobility Management
  • Optimization of RWP Mobility
  • Location also Based Positioning and Services
  • Topology Control also in Wireless Networks

Research Ideas in Optical-Communications

Next Generation Optical Networks, Systems and Subsystems:
  • Free Space Optical Communications
  • Energy Efficient Optical Networks
  • Optical Cross Connect, Switching and also ROADM Subsystems
  • Large Scale Optical Transmission, OTDM and also WDM
  • Optical Core Network Architecture, Modeling, Control and also Management
  • Digital Signal Processing also in Photonics Systems
  • Optical Packet/Flow Switching Subsystems and also Networks
  • Higher Order Modulations and also OFDM in Photonics
  • Impairments Mitigations and also Performance Monitoring Techniques
  • Advanced Modulation Formats also in Photonics
Next Generation Broadband Access Networks, Systems and Subsystems:
  • WDM-PON and WDM Access Networks
  • Fiber-to-the-curve (FTTC) and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)
  • Hybrid Optical Wireless Access Networks
  • IPTV and Telecom/Broadcast Convergence
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Internet
  • Optical Ethernet , 10Gb/s and also 100Gb/s Ethernet, EPON/GPON
  • OFEM and Higher Order Modulations also in Optical Access Networks
  • Wired and also Wireless Convergence
  • Radio Over Fiber
  • Cloud and also Green Computing Over Optical Networks
Optical Fiber, Devices and Components:
  • Photonics Crystal Fibers
  • Fiber Bragg Grating and also MUX/DEMUX
  • Polymer and also Non-Silica Fibers
  • Optical Active Modules and also Devices
  • Optical-Passive Modules and also Devices
  • Fiber Design, Classification, Installation and also Maintenance
  • Amplifier/Fiber Lasers and also Demodulators
  • Optical MEM
  • Silicon Photonics

        We also previously mentioned some of the advanced information about network simulation areas, including wireless & mobile networks, vehicular networks, IPv6 mobility, and also fiber optical communication. And We also provide support for lab cycle tests, assignment preparation, extra tutorial service, etc. We are also heartily welcome to utilize our Network Simulators service.

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