PhD Topics in Wireless Communication

Wireless communication, a proliferate popular alternative in networks without using cables and wires is the root cause for PhD topics in Wireless Communication to get a fix on upcoming ideas related to easier and faster ways to get devices to communicate without cables. One of the reliable and stable communications is offered by this Wireless communication that becomes a suitable service for the current generation.

What is Wireless Communication?

Without any aid of cables and wires, transmission is made with ease by this Wireless communication. This kind of communication becomes the greatest mechanism of transmission while considering the communication among many devices.

As the term signifies, they do not rely on cables instead communication is made via air by utilizing satellite, infrared, radio frequencies that come under electromagnetic waves. Making use of these waves they connect numerous systems and devices.

For instance, WLAN (Wireless local area network) falls under Wi-Fi.

What are the advantages of Wireless Communication?

  • Installing wireless can be made easy as it is inexpensive
  • Useful for researchers in remote areas to keep in touch with their centers
  • Emergency alerts are made possible through Wireless
  • Mobility and easy access

What are the popular routing schemes in Wireless Communication?   

The next important topic to be discussed is Routing as it is the best method to select the optimal path for better transmission.

We have listed some routing schemes below,

  • Multicast
  • Geocast
  • Unicast
  • Anycast
  • Broadcast

We guarantee highly advanced research topics that bring about an astonishing start to your research work. PhD topics in Wireless Communication let you know voluminous objectives to make your thesis stunning as well as striking. We have listed some interesting topics below, take a look,

Novel PhD Topics in Wireless Communication

Research PhD Topics in Wireless Communication

  • Emergency Transmission in Hybrid Cellular WBAN
  • 5G Cognitive Radio Design
  • Radio Coexistence and Interference Management
  • Virtual Data Transmission
  • Fast Data Processing by Edge Computing
  • Mobile computing

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 Further, we shall take a look at some metrics which lead to the successful routing.

  • Backbone length
    • Minimum sub graph, here longer backbone is meant to be successful
  • Delivery ratio
    • As the name implies it calculated the ratio between the number of messages sent and the number of messages received without interruption
  • Packets sent per cycle
    • sent packets are considered such as packets sent through forward and backward ants
  • Backbone convergence
    • Experiments rely on these converged backbones to get success
  • Number of nodes involved
    • Percentage of nodes involved is considered

Comparison Metrics in Wireless Communication

Now, we shall get to know some evaluation metrics,

Routing performance metrics

  • Reliability
  • Communication cost
  • Bandwidth
  • Maximum transmission unit (MTU)
  • Hop count
  • Delay
  • Path length
  • Load
  • Path cost

Further metrics for the performance evaluation of quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) are described as follows. Each metric purpose is to evaluate the network and individual nodes performance during simulation.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Wireless channel type
  • Average capacity
  • SNR(signal to noise ratio)
  • Inter service time
  • Subcarrier bandwidth
  • Cell residence time
  • Power transmission by nodes
  • Registration area (RA) residence time
  • Error vector magnitude
  • Power transmission
  • Call holding time
  • The outage probability
  • Data rate in bits per channel use
  • Average bit error probability
  • Channel holding time

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