Wireless Simulation Ns2 Projects

Wireless Simulation Ns2 Projects

     Wireless Simulation Ns2 Projects provide you creative and innovative ideas to shine your future in research. Ns2 is the most important simulation tool used by a large number of research scholars and students worldwide. We have developed nearly 8000+ Wireless Ns2 Projects for our research scholars and students from all over the world. Also, we have a research team that contains highly trained and well-experienced professionals to support Ns2 Projects. We also have 120+ branches to provide support for our valuable customers from all over the world.

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    Wireless Simulation Ns2 Projects offer you variety of network simulator ideas to enhance your future effectively. In the past 10+ years, we are working on Wireless Projects with our research scholars and students’ help. We are also the number one research institute among the world’s renowned institutes that provide various supports (online and offline) through our customer convenience branches. We also welcome you to approach us for precise research guidance and high-quality project work.

Let’s see the list of major routing protocols, networking attacks and wireless protocols that are as follow,

Basic of Wireless Simulation

  • -Languages used [C++ and OTCL]
  • -Requires defining parameters like
    • Type of ad hoc routing protocol used
    • Radio propagation model
    • Type of antenna
    • Also in Types of area
    • Number of nodes
  • -Wireless simulation is based on mobile nodes. A mobile node consist of:
    • MAC layer
    • Link layer
    • Interface Queue
    • PHY layer [wireless channel to send and receive signal]

     To start wireless network simulation above mentioned components and parameters is required. Here we focused on the concepts which can be implemented in NS2 using wireless simulation.

Major uses of Ns2

  • Simulation of variety of IP networks
  • Performance evaluation of new network protocols before use in NS2
  • Simulation of wireless sensor networks and also protocols
  • Evaluate the performance of existing network also in protocols
  • Simulation and modeling of mobile ad hoc networks and also protocols

Support for Ad hoc Routing Protocol

  • Power aware DSR based routing
  • Order one network also based on protocol
  • Dynamic source routing
  • Optimized link state routing also based on protocol
  • Intelligent wireless Ad hoc routing protocol
  • TDMA-aware routing protocol
  • Multipath Routing Wormhole Detection and also based on Prevention Protocol (MRWDPP)
  • Reactive and proactive hybrid also based on routing protocol
  • Zone based hierarchical link state also based on routing protocol
  • Predicted Position Routing Protocol (PPRP)
  • Road Aware Geographical Routing Protocol
  • Quality of services-aware routing protocol
  • Ad hoc on demand distance vector also based on routing
  • Destination sequence distance vector
  • Cluster also based routing also based on protocol
  • Fisheye state routing protocol

Networking Attacks

  • Password based attack
  • Insider attack
  • Spoof attack
  • Hijack attack
  • Buffer overflow also in attack
  • Sniffer attack
  • Evasion attack
  • Gray hole also in attack
  • SGX cache also in attack
  • BDoS attack
  • Opportunistic attack
  • Stealthy attack
  • Diagnosing attack
  • BDI2Dos attack
  • Compromised key also based on attack

Handover Mechanisms

  • Flow based fast handover mechanism
  • Anonymous handover mechanism
  • Fast handover mechanism
  • Horizontal handover also based on mechanism
  • Quality of service also in mechanism
  • Handover modeling
  • CoMP handover probability analysis
  • Inter eNode B handover
  • Flexible handover mechanism
  • Connection handover also in mechanism
  • Hybrid handover mechanism
  • C/U- Plane staggered handover
  • Mobile cloud also in handover
  • Vertical handover also based on mechanism
  • Location assistive handover mechanism

Clustering Algorithms Used

  • Weighted clustering algorithm
  • K-hop clustering algorithms
  • Load balancing clustering also in algorithm
  • LEACH algorithm
  • K-means clustering algorithm
  • Optimized surgeon fuzzy clustering also in algorithm
  • Cluster based harmony search also in algorithm
  • APAC clustering algorithm
  • Path planning clustering also in algorithm
  • Multi objective weighted clustering also in algorithm
  • Energy aware predictive clustering
  • Fuzzy-TOPSIS based cluster algorithm
  • RSSI based clustering also based on algorithm
  • Hierarchical agglomerative clustering schemes
  • ESMSD algorithm (adaptive clustering)

Performance Metrics Used

  • Throughput
  • Overhead analysis
  • Size of network
  • Throughput
  • End to end delay
  • Packet delivery fraction
  • Task completion time
  • ETT, ETX and also cost formula
  • Mean opinion score
  • Bit error rate (BER)
  • Received packet Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
  • Shortest path
  • Overhead analysis
  • Number of network nodes etc.

        We also hope that the aforementioned information is enough to know about Wireless NS2 Projects. We also support all types of network simulators like NS2, NS3, OMNET++, OPNET, PETRI NET, and mininet. If you require further information or have any questions regarding this, then call us or mail us. Our tutors immediately contact you also to give valuable guidance in research.


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