Power Electronics MATLAB Simulink Projects

Power Electronics MATLAB Simulink Projects

     Power Electronics MATLAB Simulink Projects reflects our fundamental ideas to your research projects. We offer real-time projects in various disciplines with recent algorithms and techniques. And also, we develop 10000+ projects for B.E/M.E /M.Tech/MCA/M.Phil students and PhD/MS scholars from various disciplines, including Electrical and electronics, Information technology, Electronics and communication, Computer science and Electronics and instrumentation, etc.

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Online Power Electronics Matlab Simulink ProjectsMATLAB Simulink Power-Electronics Projects

     Power Electronics MATLAB Simulink Projects offer technical oriented platform to do a MATLAB Simulink Projects. We are highly enthusiastically helping you to reach your destination in research. We have also faced a lot of research issues and provide high-quality guarantee solutions to our research scholars and students. Due to this reason, each and every year, our scholar’s counts increased dramatically. Continuously our happy customers are amazed at our smart work and also shared their experience with their friends to contact us. We also support numerous new MATLAB Simulink tools, which are mentioned below for your reference

Current Research Issues in Power-Electronics

  • Estimate maximum power point (MPP)
  • Low power electronics
  • Techniques and control algorithms applied to power electronics
  • Short circuit current capability issues
  • Bulk power transmission
  • Asynchronous network interconnections
  • Back to back ac system linking
  • Controlled, inverters, uncontrolled rectifiers and also converters
  • Advanced power semiconductor devices
  • Voltage/stability support
  • Electric motor drive selection issues
  • Thermal and electromagenetic performance of electronic power converters and also inverters
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Applications in solar, battery chargers, UPS, motor drives, wind energy systems and also hybrid systems
  • PQ[Power Quality] problems
  • Analysis, design, modeling, simulation and also implementations of the application of power circuit

Power-Electronic Projects are Based on

System and Control:
  • Switch Control [Power Diode, Power MOSFET, IGBT, also Switching characteristics of Thyristor]
  • Feedback system [Positive feedback loop, Feedback control system, also Negative feedback loop]
Electronics and Devices:
  • Magnetics [Power inverters, motor drives, power converters]
  • Circuits [designed also based on the project concept]
  • Power Semiconductor [MCT, PUT, TRIAC, RCT, GTO]
Power and Energy:
  • Powersupplies [Switched mode power supply design, AC/DC power supply]
  • Drivers and Motors [Brushed DC Motor, Electric motor, Scale driver]
  • Energy processing [Power inverters, Power Converters]

Major Concepts in Power-Electronics Projects

  • Multi Sound generator
  • Solar tracker [555 Timer IC]
  • Power failure Indicator [IC 555]
  • Synchronized multi [Spark Module (SMSM) for Electronic Ignition devices]
  • Power system automation [Supervisory control and Data acquisition system]
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Light Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Power-Control [Integral cycle switching]
  • Power generation from renewable resources
  • Buck boost converter
  • Battery charger [Thyrister]
  • Simulation, testing of prototypes
  • GUI development and also application
  • Mathematical modeling and also computation
  • Higher technology, engineering and also Graphical analysis in science
  • Visualization, data analysis and also exploration
  • Development of Algorithms and also Synthesis
  • Implementation of user-end applications to creation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs)

MATLAB-Simulink Research Tools in Electronics Projects

There are several types of simulation tool used in MATLAB that are,
  • Equation Solver
  • Circuit Oriented Simulators
  • PSPice and PSIM
  • PLECS tool
  • Power eSIM and OrCAD
  • Mixed- signal and also cadence PSpice analogue simulator
  • eFPGAsim and also eDRIVE
  • Plexim
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Spreadsheet in MATLAB
  • MATLAB Expression Test Vectors
  • Polyspace Code Verification
  • Real Time Windows Target
  • Gauges Blockset
  • MATLAB Builder JA
  • System Identification in MATAB
  • MATLAB Builder EX
  • Simulink 3D Animation
  • Simulink-Coder
  • Simulink PLC Coder
  • Simulink-Report Generator
  • Simulink Control Design
  • Simulink-Code Inspector
  • Simulink Design Verifier
  • Sim-Biology
  • SimDriveline
  • Sim-Electronics
  • SimEvents
  • Sim-Mechanics
  • SimRF
  • Sim-Hydraulics
 To model power electronics using MATLAB Simulink, following blocks are used,
  • OR Logic [Used to turn thyristor off when the current reaches to 0]
  • Repeating Sequence [Used to generate pulses]
  • Switch function [Used to switch between sine wave form and also firing pulse]
  • Sine wave [Used to generate sinusoidal input with amplitude, phase and frequency]
  • Sinks [Export and also display data blocks]
  • Sources [Import or generate signal data blocks such sine wave and workspace]
  • User-defined functions [Custom function blocks also for MATLAB system, MATLAB function or Simulink function]

Recent Real Time Applications in Power-Electronics

  • Product digitization
  • RFeye Desktop
  • Driving miss data
  • Unmanned aerial system
  • Speedgoat target computer hardware
  • Test automation
  • HIL Simulation and also testing
  • Model based design process
  • Magic formula
  • Test platform also for airborne experimental
  • Next generation of industrial drive and also control systems designing
  • Semiconductor chip packaging also for thinner substrate material
  • Detects signal interference also using simplified kurtosis computation
  • Renewable energy technologies also with modeling and testing
  • DSP speeds sensorless motor control
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Real time simulation and also testing
  • Modeling and also testing hardware
  • Control system also for model based design
  • Modeling and also simulation for hybrid electric vehicle

Recent Research Topics in Power-Electronics

  • Testing PMSM drives also using developing embedded control system platform
  • Conservative power theory also for model predictive control of PV-based shunt active power filter in single phase low voltage grid
  • Control systems for power electronic designing
  • Parabolic trough system in south Africa also for solar thermal organic rankine cycle (STORC) power plant as an alternative to the steam power plant
  • DC/DC buck power electronic converter-DC motor system also using modelling and experimental validation of a bidirectional
  • Strategies of cascaded bridgeless multilevel rectifiers also using topologies and control
  • SiC power MOSFETs also using fast electro-thermal co-simulation modelling approach
  • PV/battery/diesel/water pumping system with power control and also management
  • Harmonics flow prediction using multivariate regression also for nonlinear loads model
  • A better grid connected PV system integration also using new adapted forms of P-V optimal slope MPPT
  • Low switching frequency and reduce device counts also for nine-level asymmetrical single phase multilevel inverter topology
  • Diesel generator based microgrids also using experimental verification of virtual inertia
  • Reactive power control also for high gain grid connected single stage inverter system
  • An AC/DC line-side converter also using open switch fault diagnosis method
  • Centrifugal pump also using mixed pressure control system

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