Research Topics for Communication Students

Research Topics for Communication Students

      Research Topics for Communication Students provide variety of ideas to enhance your research career. We have a research team from all over the world to provide precise guidance for research scholars and students in worldwide. Our team comprises of world class technological experts and experienced professionals those who dedicated themselves in research to provide world class standard guidance to you. During the project development we have faced lot of research problem that rectify it with help of our experienced experts instantly. Due to this reason most of research scholars and students are approach us to do their research with us.

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Topics for Communication Students

     Research Topics for Communication Students offer you well defined platform to shine your research. We also provide support for our research scholars and students through Communication Students service effectively on network communications topics and organize them for their viva voce. Our main goal is also to improve their academic grades in this field.

We support both undergraduate (BE, BTech etc.) and also post graduate (ME, MTech, MCA, MPhil, PhD, MS etc.) students also in various disciplines like ECE, EEE, EIE etc. And also We support for students in the following areas like VANET, MANET, and WSN etc. Now let’s have a glance of our practical guidance and advanced devices and also technologies in network communications for your reference,

Our Practical Guidance and Material Support

Practical Guidance Support:
  • Introduction about language or framework
  • Lecture basic concepts and also syntax
  • Required software and also installation
  • Sample program practice
  • Assign simple task to do
  • Create mini project
  • Assign your appropriate project work
  • Analyse of the problem
  • Design of the solution
  • Developing the solution
  • Algorithms also to solve problems
  • Problem solving and programming
  • Getting the resources
  • Developing and also completed your projects
Materials Support:
  • Code back up
  • Database backup
  • Implementation plan
  • Base paper with set of references
  • Required software’s and middleware’s
  • Read me text file (which also contains required software and installation steps
  • Your project Screen shots
  • Software installation support
  • Video also for your full project explanation

Advanced Communication Devices and Technologies

Communication Devices Support:
  • IoT devices (RFID, smart sensors, also Contiki devices)
  • Lechal (GPS Navigation)
  • Plasma
  • Wave mobile communicator (Secure communication also in VANET)
  • Arduino to Arduino communications (Long range wireless communication)
  • Smartphone and also wearable devices
Communication Technology Support:
  • Wireless technology (4G, LTE, LTE-A, also 5G)
  • Optical camera communication technologies
  • Device to Device communication technology
  • UWB impulse radio technology (Car communications)
  • 35 Gb/s ultra-wideband technology
  • Space laser communications technology
  • WPT technology
  • Wireline communications technology
  • Ultra terahertz wireless communications technologies
  • Torsion field communications technology
  • 65nm CMOS technology
  • Harnessing mobile communications also technology
  • Ultra wide band technology
  • Non-payload communication technology
  • 3D printed antenna (mmWave)
  • Human body communication

Advanced Research Areas

  • Molecular communications
  • Connected sensors, smarter smartphones
  • Network neutrality, also internet governance
  • Everywhere connectivity also for IoT & IoE
  • Cyber security
  • Cognitive networks, also Big data
  • SDN & NFV, also visualization
  • 5G
  • Fiber everywhere
  • Green communications
  • Structural science communication
  • Power generation (Piezo-electric sensors)
  • Big data and IoT systems
  • Space technologies
  • Project control and computational intelligence ( also Web of science)
  • Sybil attack detection (MANET)

Recent Research Topics

  • Single trial magneto encephalography signals also for towards decoding speech production
  • PhD research in thermal energy storage also for innovative pathways
  • Software defined adaptive cognitive networks also for smart multimedia services distribution
  • Video quality in public safety also using advanced communication framework
  • Update and the path towards optical relay operations also for laser communication relay demonstration
  • Shortest path routing algorithms in multi-hop wireless networks also using a flow aggregation metric
  • Frequency offset and also SIC for physical wireless conversion sensor networks for data tracking
  • Shared cellular networks for secure real-time monitoring and also management of smart distribution grid
  • Visible light communications using dimming control scheme also with high power and spectrum efficiency
  • Balancing load in SDN using switch migration also based decision making scheme
  • Visible light communication also using comparison of hybrid optical modulation schemes

        The above provided information is enough to have brief knowledge about Research Communication Students. We also offer various support for research scholars and students like thesis writing, journal paper writing, project development and also journal publication etc. If you still need help, or just want to talk with us, you can also give us call. We are also here to take your call to provide help.


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