Machine to Machine Communication Projects

Machine to Machine Communication Projects

              Machine to Machine Communication Projects is your platform rendered by us that used to make most successful Machine to Machine communication projects. Our guidance has helped our students throughout their project/research work due to our immense knowledge, patience, constant support, and encouragement; our guidance has helped our students throughout their project/research work.

Machine to Machine (M2M) plays a vital role in IoT, and it connects with mechanical or electrical IoT devices for automated data transmission (both wired and wireless). Our research for our students is unique; we also follow a specialized way to solve our students’ queries.

Besides our guidance, we provide a learning platform to know about the current emerging technologies in M2M like 3G, 4G, LTE, LET-A, 5G, RFID, etc. Our services spread worldwide, and it’s growing by our top experts, project makers, research masters, etc. Our projects are also maturing as the service provider will think of providing innovative projects for our students. If there is no innovation in your research,                    

just call us, we making your research with our creativity

Recent Trends in Machine to Machine

  • M2M Eco systems
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Machine-to-Machine Intelligence
  • Time sensitive networking
  • Cyber physical production systems
  • M2M Communication multiplication
  • Mission critical communications industrial IoT applications QoS
  • Performance control, and infrastructure
  • Cross platform architecture
  • Industrial IoT components in SDN

Machine to Machine Communication Projects Online Machine to Machine Projects

             Machine to Machine Communication Projects is our expansive label created for our PhD Research scholars. Novel ideas are the beginning points of all treasures. Novel ideas are the beginning points of all treasures. We explore and embrace very novel ideas, also for creating a revolution in your research. We have also highly concentrated for our students to invoke in various research activities like seminar program participation, training session conductance, and preparing case studies for their research fields. Be a part of our creative life…..

Let’s see advanced concepts in M2M communication,

Advanced Concepts in Machine to Machine Communication

  • Energy efficiency
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Scalability issues
  • Spectrum efficiency management issues
  • Prototype implementations, testbeds and also its new applications
  • Traffic models characterization
  • Spectrum management and also efficiency issues
  • Addressing, and also indexing
  • Service discovery and also middleware
  • Novel applications in business models
  • IoT and M2M trails, standard activities and also testbeds
  • Integration of IoT and also M2M in current standards and networking solutions
  • Context aware ad hoc networks
  • M2M and IoT in the Future:

                                 -Internet of Resources


                                 -Internet of Contents

  • M2M and IoT simulation and analysis techniques in infrastructure wireless networks

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Koneki
  • Eclipse SCADA
  • Eclipse-OM2M
  • M2M labs
  • Kura
  • Cooja simulator
  • SimuLTE
  • OpenMobius
  • Oasis SI
  • Telstra
  • Mixim
  • M2MLabs Mainspring
  • .NET Micro Framework
  • Koneki
  • Com4Innov

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Koneki: Eclipse also based tool used by M2M developers that provides features for OMA-DM communications
  • Eclipse SCADA: Open source eclipse system also used in out of box custom solution creation and its emerging in Open SCADA project.
  • Eclipse OM2M: Standard for Eclipse that also used to implements in oneM2M and Smart M2M standards. It is used also for various purposes like application enablement, triggering, security, persistency, etc.
  • M2M labs: Open source based application framework to build M2M applications such as Fleer management, remote monitoring and also smart grid
  • Kura: OSGI or java based framework also used for IoT gateways. It allows users to access in hardware’s GPS, Watchdog, I2C, and also GPIOs etc.
  • Cooja simulator: Network simulator used in Contiki OS based projects and also used in very large scale networks
  • SimuLTE: Innovative simulation tool that also enables complex system level performance analysis of LTE and LTE-A
  • OpenMobius: IoT service platform that also widely accepted in IoT standards.
  • Oasis SI: Open standard consortium or an advanced lightweight reliable messaging transport protocol also for the M2M IoT
  • Telstra: Trail Kit to control wireless M2M Centre
  • Mixim: Component in OMNET++ modeling framework also used for fixed and mobile wireless networks
  • .NET Micro Framework:  Framework that offers environments also for resource constrained and small devices
  • Koneki: Open source incubator that used also for developing M2M IoT applications
  • Com4Innov: Tele communications platform also that provides developments, validations and testing

Major Research Topics in Machine Communication

  • Adhoc networks security
  • APIs M2M Service and also data formats
  • M2M congestion control
  • Smart grids management and also power distribution
  • Healthcare applications
  • LTE radio resource allocation
  • M2M communications data rate optimization
  • IoT applications
  • Cellular network M2M communication
  • NFV: Network Function Virtualization
  • Privacy and security in IoT
  • M2M communication optimized protocol
  • Mobile Advertise Fraud detection
  • M2M scalable service architectures