Research Topics in Information Technology

Research Topics in Information Technology

      Research Topics in Information Technology is our tremendous service started with the ambition of serve students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech) and research scholars (PhD/MS) with our dedicative knowledge. We are also experts of an expert in information technology research. These days, we are completed incalculable information technology research in various domains. We also provide our step by step guidance and support for you in the research implementation phase.

Every day our magnificent professionals refresh the knowledge with the vision of widespread knowledge among the midst of students and research colleges. We also provide highly confidential research for our students and also research fellows at an affordable price. Through our guidance, you will become an expert. Are you interested in utilizing our Research Topics in Information Technology service? You can also approach us without any delay.    

Buy Research Topics in Information Technology Online Trends in Information-Technology

  • Automation for Marketing and also Data Centers
  • Machine Learning and also Artificial Intelligence
  • Hyper-convergence
  • Humanized Data
  • More Mobility
  • Block Chain Smart Beacons also for Home and Marketing
  • Growth of Business Bots / Chatbots
  • Cloud Migration
  • Smart Homes, Internet of Things and also Offices
  • As a Service Economy Explosion
  • Fog Computing
  • Advanced Collaboration with Chat Based Tech
  • C2C (Cloud to Cloud) Storage Backup
  • Augmented Reality and also Virtual Reality
  • Cyber Security also in Internet of Things
  • Intelligent Apps

Topics in Information Technology

     Research Topics in Information Technology offer advanced research topics for you to chosen best research topic to successfully accomplish your research journey. .  Our world level certified experts provide the best of best guidance from your project topic/domain selection to the final viva voce.

Our inclusive guidance helps you to stand with record-breaking experts in your future career. Today, the information technology field also has advanced development in artificial intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT) integration, cloud computing in the internet of things, growing integration of machine learning and also artificial intelligence technologies, a collaboration of hybrid clouds, internet security, world of IoT security, artificial intelligent via chatbots, and also robotics, etc.    

   Let’s have a glance over cloud computing technology in information technology,

        …..….” Cloud Computing is also an interesting area for research. Today, Cloudd Based Business and Economic Networks are the next innovation wave in information technology. It makes a platform to meet virtually and also share information in real-time among people. Here, we also provide some of the interesting information in the cloud”.

Cloud Computing Technology in IT

  • Integration of Cloud and also Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud computing Technology from SAP

                   -Connect People also in Cloud

                   -Power of Business Network also in Cloud

                   -Cloud Security platform

  • Cloud-as-a-Service

                   -Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

                   -Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

                   -Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Cloud also with SAP DBS (Digital Business Service)

Cloud Computing Application and Solutions

  • CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • AppFog
  • OpenNebula
  • VMware Cloud Fountry
  • Window Azure
  • Google AppEngine
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • EC2
  • Active State Stackato

Supported Tools and Software

  • VirtualCloud
  • GreenCloud
  • NS2 and NS3
  • CloudMIG Xpress
  • iCanCloud
  • Matlab
  • RealCloudSim
  • MDCSim
  • OMNET++
  • CloudAuction
  • WorkflowSim
  • CloudReports
  • CloudAnalyst
  • GloMoSim

Platform Supports

  • Windows 8 and 10 (32 and also 64 Bits)
  • Windows-7 (32 and also 64 Bits)
  • Windows XP (32 Bits)
  • Windows Vista (32 and also 64 Bits)
  • Linux/GNU
  • Unix
  • MacOS X

Latest Research in Information-Technology

  • Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Algorithm also in Non-Cooperative Game Based Cloud Computing System
  • Research of User Request Algorithm in Enhanced FCM and also Collaborative Filtering Based Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Deadline Constrained Parallel Applications also Using Energy Aware Processor Merging Algorithm in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing
  • Ant Colony Algorithm also Based Multi Objective Optimization Scheduling Method in Cloud Computing
  • Research on Optimal Segmentation Theory Based Power Engineering Investment Monitoring and also Warning
  • Energy Efficient Cross Layer Approach in Fog and also Mobile Edge Computing for Cloud Wireless Green Communication

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