Research Topics in Networking for M Tech

Research Topics in Networking for M Tech

     Research Topics in Networking for M Tech provide you latest and creative topics to attain you successful career in research. We have current trends updated technical team that contains full knowledge experts who provide precise research guidance for research scholars and students. Initially, we discuss 1000+ topics with you; if you satisfy with a particular topic or having your own concepts to commit with us, we provide full support until your research completion. In the past 10+ years, we are working with Research M Tech service, and a huge number of students completed their research with us successfully.

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     Research Topics in Networking for M Tech offer you various innovative topics to build your academic project successfully. We provide for Our M Tech students through the Networking for M Tech service on various network simulator platforms and make them very comfortable with their research topic. We mainly focused on the latest integrated network simulation tools to support our students in a unique way among other competing services. So We maintain individuality for each and every student to comfortable with their own topics. This is the only reason we are focused on a lot of research students to do their final year academic and research project worldwide. Let’s see some of the network simulation aspects for your review.

Network Simulation

  • Support for both wired and wireless simulation
  • Simulation support routing protocols like wireless networking protocols, routing queuing policies, IP protocols and Multicast protocols
  • Network simulators are discrete event simulators

Network Simulation Design Objective

  • Resource planning in network:

            -It consists of new network elements, new applications and new users etc.

            -Network performance measure for impact of changes

  • Design network [Evaluate the design proposal based on statistics comparison in alternative network design]
  • Analyze failure [Network element failures analyze ]
  • Modeling Performance: Purpose to collect statistics for various performance parameters [Switches, response time, buffer, links and Routers]
Let’s see the few simulators and that functionality for your review,

Network Simulator 2

  • It is a discrete event simulator and open source which is use for networking research.
  • Support for CBR and VBR traffic models
  • It Support like PGM Error mode, Uniform, SRM Error model, Bursty error models
  • Supporting protocols like HTTP, MAC protocol, TCP, UDP and routing algorithms
  • Supporting topology like star, bus, ring and mesh topology
  • TCL and C++ languages are use
  • It has discrete event scheduler
  • Also It is used to simulate both wired and also wireless network environment
  • Support object oriented concepts (OTCL)
  • NAM is a network animator and also visualization tool
  • Support for mobility models, energy model and also MISC-radio propagation
  • Windows(Cygwin), MAC OS X, Unix, Ubuntu and also linux platforms support

Network Simulator 3

  • It is discrete event simulator and also open source
  • C++ (programming language) and also Python (Scripting language ) languages are used
  • Telnet, HTTP, FTP application protocols support
  • Emulation and simulation support
  • UDP, SCTP, TCP, RTP, RTCP transport layer protocols support
  • PyViz visualization tool use
  • Allow the simulation of OpenFlow switches in ns-3
  • Windows, Ubuntu, Linux platforms also support
  • Python bindings have also been modularize
  • Wireshark integration features support also for real world application

OMNET++ Network Simulator

  • It is free and also open source network simulator
  • C++ languages is used
  • SQLite- based result files also used to support experimental
  • Scalar files and vector are also simulation results
  • Network descriptor (NED) also used for text editing and graphical support
  • Windows, Fedora, UNIX, Linux, Ubuntu, MAC OS X platforms also support
  • It provides components architecture also for models.
  • Embedded easily into your applications due to its extensive GUI, modular and also simulation kernel support

OPNET Network Simulator

  • Commercial network simulator
  • Provides packet level simulation
  • C+ programming language support
  • UDP and TCP transport layer protocols also based on support
  • IP network layer protocol support
  • WLAN-MAC and also ARP link layer protocol support
  • It contains network domain, node domain and also process domain hierarchical structure
  • Manipulating node’s coordinates, mobility vector and also mobility trajectory support for mobility realization
  • Windows, Linux, Fedora and also Ubuntu platforms are support
  • Enables the possibility also to simulate entire heterogeneous networks
  • It is also event based network level simulation tool.

QualNet Network Simulator

  • GloMosim is also the commercial version of Qualnet
  • Parsec C++ language is also use
  • It is the state of art simulator used in large and also heterogeneous network environment
  • Windows, Linux, Ubuntu platforms are also support
Its graphical user interface support for following,
  • Visualization tool and also network design architect support
  • Text editing tool [File editor] support
  • Statistical graphical tool [Analyzer] support
  • Visual representation of packets [Packet tracer] support

      We also trust that the aforesaid information is well-suit to know about our Networking for M Tech. Apart from that, we also provide support for thesis writing, journal paper writing, project development, and thesis publication. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

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