Wireless Ns2 Projects

Wireless Ns2 Projects

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    We also provided support for both wired and wireless network simulations. In wireless networking, at the beginning of a wireless simulation, the definition of network components is also required, and the definition of the other parameters, such as type of antenna, radio-propagation model, and the type of ad-hoc routing protocol used by mobile nodes, etc.

Ns2 support for the following components and parameters in wireless network,

Network Components Which are Consist of Mobile Node

  • Link Layer (LL)
  • Interface Queue (IfQ)
  • MAC Layer
  • PHY layer

Important NS2 Commands

  • Set ns: Creates a new simulator object
  • Create-god $par(nn): Creates the GOD(General Operations Director)
  • Set topo [new Topography]: Creates and configure topography
  • $ns node-config: Used to specify nodes configuration parameters
  • $node_(0) set X, set Y, set Z: Sets nodes X, Y and Z co ordinates
  • set agent [new Agent/UDP]: Create new TCP Source Agent
  • set app [new Application/ Traffic /CBR]: Creates new application Agent (CBR)

Major Networking Area in Ns2

  • Underwater acoustic sensor network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc also in network
  • Software defined network
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Wireless sensor Ad hoc also in networks
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Ad hoc cognitive packet network
  • Large scale electrical energy transmission also in networks
  • Energy distribution also in networks
  • Social network
  • Linear sensor also in network
  • Wireless mesh also in network
  • Deep space network
  • Feed-forward artificial neural also in network
  • Biological network
  • Digital network
  • Industrial network
  • Artificial neural network
  • Multi-hop wireless also in network
  • Mobile networks
  • Mobile Ad hoc network
  • LTE networks
  • Wireless cellular also in networks
  • Wireless-medical sensor also in networks
  • Wireless smart grid networks
  • Binary infrared sensor network
  • Large scale Boolean also in networks

Parameters Using in Wireless-Network Design

  • MAC layer protocol: TDMA, CDMA, IEEE Mac 802.x
  • Routing protocols: AODV, DSDV and also DSR
  • Physical layers: Different channels, Directional antenna, also Omni directional Antenna.
  • QoS: Diffserv
  • Radio propagation, mobility models, also Energy models
  • Topology Generation tools
  • Visualization tools (NAM), also Tracing

Recent Research Topics

  • Monitoring critical infrastructures in bridges using evaluation and also analysis of a prototype wireless sensor
  • Optimized performance in mobile ad hoc networks also using modified AODV energy aware routing
  • Wireless sensor network also for efficient timing sync protocol
  • Attacks and also its impact with cognitive radio ad hoc networks
  • Wireless sensor networks also for cross layer congestion control algorithm based on compressed sensing
  • Wireless sensor network traffic also for energy latency tradeoff using energy efficient MAC protocol
  • Multicasting also using secure data transmission routing protocol
  • Hybrid channel assignment protocol also for improving energy efficiency of wireless mesh network
  • Energy efficiency and optimal data packet size also for underwater wireless network
  • Eigen trust algorithm for self-organised protocol also for evaluating trust in MANET
  • E-model also for QoE assessment of VoIP over IEEE 802.16 networks with DaVinci codes

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