Research Topics in Networking for PhD

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Topics in Networking for PhD

      Research Topics in Networking for PhD offer you very big platform to shine your research career in networking. We also motivate our students and research scholars on networking through the Networking for PhD service to make them prepared for viva voice. Our ultimate goal is also to provide precise guidance for research scholars and students in the NS simulator. We also support a huge number of network simulator tools such as NS2, NS3, OMNET++, OPNET, JSim, etc.

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Major Network Domains

Sensor, wireless and mobile networks:
  • Mobile sensor data collection schemes
  • Mobile-Wireless sensor network survey
  • Low-duty-cycle wireless sensor network also for data forward technology
  • Mobile sensor networks in localization and also tracking
  • Mobile-wireless sensor networks coding and also channel estimation
  • Mobile sensor networks neighbor discovery mechanism
  • Delay tolerant networks in routing and also MAC protocols
Wired/wireless Advanced Networks in Next Generation:
  • Interference mitigation
  • Power efficient communications
  • Vehicular communications
  • Green ratio and also cognitive
  • Channel capacity equalization and also estimation
  • Beamforming and also antennas
  • QoS and routing scheduling
  • Cognitive and also adaptive MACs
  • Radio source scheduling, management and also allocation
  • IoNT [Internet of Nano Things]
  • Molecular communications
  • Service portability and also discovery
Network Privacy and Security:
  • Network and computer forensics
  • Traffic analysis
  • Social networks security and also privacy
  • Wi-Max, WI-FI, Single-hop wireless networks security and also privacy
  • Body area networks security and also privacy
  • The internet of things security and also privacy
  • Peer-to –Peer networks and overlay networks security and also privacy
  • Content delivery network security and also privacy
  • Communication systems anonymization and also privacy
  • Networked computer systems usable security
  • PKI and key management also for networks
  • Secure routing, also in network management
Network protocols, services and applications:
  • Power aware protocols
  • DTN routing protocols
  • Service discovery protocols
  • Power efficient protocol
  • Novel communication also based on protocol
  • Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) routing also based on protocol
  • Per-Flow fairness protocol
  • Quality of service applications
  • Opaque service virtualization
  • Multi-channel coordination MAC also based on protocol
  • Cluster head routing protocol
  • Cache based transport protocols
  • Dynamic temperature aware routing also based on protocol
  • Novel communication protocol
  • Space wireless sensor network also based on applications
Supported Network Simulators Tools and Software:
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • OMNET++
  • J-Sim
  • REAL
  • QualNet

Recent Research Topics

  • IoT cloud based error recovery
  • CODEC’s performance analysis (Voice over IPV6)
  • TOSSIM based implementation and also analysis (WSN)
  • Traffic signal coordination (VANET)
  • Opportunistic networks simulation
  • Game theoretic formulation
  • Trend analysis and assessment (telecommunication sector)
  • 5G small cell planning (Smart grid)
  • Estimating rainfall intensity (VANET)
  • Communication patterns improving also in thematic P2P
  • Scientifically rigorous cyber physical security (Tasted)
  • Ant Colony optimization (WSN)
  • Green networking
  • Photo acoustic imaging probe
  • Energy consumption scalability and also pattern (MANET)
  • Check pointing and also roll back discovery (MANET)
  • Game theory models
  • LTE advanced networks handover
  • SUMO simulation (VANET)
  • Drug development also for alpha virus antiviral
  • Pestvirus research
  • Base station energy improvement (also in Mobile networks)
  • Translating scientific progress
  • IOT simulation

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