SDN OpenDaylight Projects

SDN OpenDaylight Projects

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     … “OpenDaylight is the largest open-source SDN controller, which is used to helping lead this transition. It’s designed to improve SDN by posing a community-led and also industry-supported structure for the OpenDaylight controller.

Supported Features

  • ALTO [Application Layer Traffic Optimization]: It also provide network information to applications
  • AAA: Authentication, Accounting and also Authorization services
  • NetIDE: Client and server multi-controller architecture using applications allow to written also for Pyretic, Floodlight, RYu to execute ton OPenDaylight managed infrastructure
  • Messaging for transport [Messaging Oriented Middleware]: It bindings including AMQP and also XMPP to maps YANG specifications to a RESTful interface from existing RESTCONF interface
  • NeXt: Also Used for display large complex topologies, group, tunnel, path, traffic and aggregated network nodes
  • OF-CONFIG: It is also used to enabling configuration of essential artifacts of an OpenFlow logical switch
  • OpenFlow Plugin: It also support for implementations of developing and evolving the OpenFlow specifications
  • Persistence: It is also used to applied persistence logic on well-defined abstractions and separation of concerns between persistence logic and business.
  • Reservation: Its dynamic low level resource reservation also used to get network as a service

Supported Operations

  • OPTIONS: Used to returns the XML description of the resources
  • GET: Used to return the data values from Config and also operational datastore
  • PUT: Data creation and updation also in config datastore
  • POST: Data creation if it does not exist in the config database
  • DELETE: Remove the data node also in the config datastore
  • PATCH: Config datastore PATCH edit operations

Supported-Data Formats

  • XML or JSON format for request and also response data
  • Input (Request data ) has to be set via Content –Type field in HTTP header
  • Output (response data) has to be also in the Accept field in HTTP header
  • Calling the options operation also for get medial types for each resource

Supported Protocols

  • LISP
  • OpenFlow
  • NetConf
  • Unified secure channel
  • Table type patterns (TTP)
  • Ovs Management
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol
  • Distributed LLDP also with Auto attach capability
  • IoTDM
  • SNMP plugin
  • Source Group Tag Exchange Protocol (SXP)
  • Secure Network Bootstrapping Interface

Open Daylight Releases

  • Hydrogen [Feb 2014]
  • Helium [Oct 2014]
  • Helium-SR3 [Mar 2015]
  • Lithium-SR1 [Aug 2015]
  • Lithium SR2 [Oct 2015]
  • Lithium-SR3 [Dec 2015]
  • Beryllium [Feb 2016]
  • Lithium-SR4 [Mar 2016]
  • Beryllium-SR1 [ Mar 2016]
  • Beryllium SR2 [ May 2016]
  • Beryllium-SR4 [ Oct 2016]
  • Boron-SR2 [Dec 2016]

Upcoming Releases

  • Formal carbon
  • SR1 (Service release 1 aka carbon.1)
  • SR-2 (Service release 2 aka carbon.2)
  • SR2 (Service release 3 aka carbon.3)
  • SR-2 (Service release 4 aka carbon.4)

Recent Research Ideas

  • Orchestration of RAN
  • New flow attack defending
  • Distributed SDN controller system
  • SDN in multi-domain
  • SDN-inter domain route updates
  • QoS management framework
  • SDN-Assisted Learning approach
  • Managing mobility
  • Multi-protocol label switching
  • 5G cellular network integration
  • Scaling up path computation
  • Traffic engineering [P to P SDN]
  • Adversarial network forensics

Major Research Topics

  • Service providers using toward highly available and also scalable software defined networks
  • SDN controllers also for qualitative comparison of open source
  • Open daylight clustering also with performance calculation
  • A wireless transport SDN proof of concept also for default values mediator
  • SDN/ NFV based on multitenant transport networks
  • High loaded SDN controller system also for method of computing organization
  • SDN controllers for qualitative and also quantitative assessment
  • TCP STN Flooding attacks also using an SDN-based lightweight countermeasure
  • M2M communication also using SDN with simplified network Access control design and implementation
  • The European research community also using towards an SDN based bandwidth on demand service
  • Service providers using toward highly available and also scalable software defined networks
  • All optical data centre virtualisation also using demonstration of the benefits of SDN technology
  • Independent, joint and also fractional-joint switched SDM optical networks with first SDN control plane

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