Skull Identification Research Proposal

Majorly skull identification is performed in the field of Archaeology, Forensic Science, or the field of Anthropology, as we identify the research area as per your interest and guide you throughout your Skull Identification Research Proposal.

What is the Purpose of Skull Identification?                            

For human identification, Bony landmarks in bone help to sort out and relate other body structures. But the purpose of choosing a skull in human identification is listed as follows:

  • Prominent Bony landmarks
  • Easy to differentiate from other species
  • Multiple features for sex and age determination
  • Clinical Diagnosis (or) Medical Treatment
  • Human Origin/Geological Distribution/ Ethnic Characteristics
  • Identify Face Recognition or Identification
Top 6 Research Ideas for Skull identification research proposal

Subdivisions of the Skull

Neurocranium (Brain Box)              

Protects the BrainViscerocranium (Facial Skeleton)   

  • Face and Jaw 

Skull can determine by age, ethnicity, and gender. 

Determining Age

  • Dentition
  • Bone Fusion
  • Classification of the Bone

Determining Ethnicity

  • Asian (Shovel Incisor Teeth)
  • Europeans (Extra Cusp)
  • Africans (Extra Suture)

A Human body is filled up with more and more exciting features and mysteries within it. Identifying every part is like art. As a Research Scholar if you are having more interest in human identification as particularly in the skull, then Skull Identification Research Proposal will prosper your research interest. 

How can you justify a male or female in skull identification?               


  • Superciliary arch                    More prominent 
  • Frontal Tuber                         Less
  • Vertex:                                    Flat 
  • Angle:                                     Wide U Shape 
  • Supra-Orbital Margin            Less Sharp 
  • External Occipital Crest        More Prominent
  • Bony Impression                     More Prominent 
  • Glabella                                  More Prominent Sloppy 
  • Zygomatic Arch                      Massive 
  • Orbit                                       Square Shape 


  • Superciliary arch                    Less Prominent 
  • Frontal Tuber                         More 
  • Vertex:                                    Pointed


  • Wide V Shape

Supra-Orbital Margin           

  • More Sharp

External Occipital Crest       

  •  Less Prominent
  • Bony Impression                     Less Prominent
  • Glabella                                  Less Prominent Vertical
  • Zygomatic Arch                      Less
  • Orbit                                       Circular Shape

Choosing skull identification research work shows the interest you have in working towards challenging areas. To thrive your thirst our high experience research team is there to guide you in skull stripping projects accurately at the same time in a unique manner. As a team, we are having highly experts in each field which leads to better taking the work in a high manner. 


Here we list out some of the techniques we are implementing for skull based application projects.

  • Craniofacial Superimposition
  • Craniofacial Reconstruction
  • Fuzzy-Set based Approaches
  • Face Matching using Volumetric Data
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Harmonic Wave Kernel Signature
  • Novel Skull Identification Method
  • Computer-Aided Video Super Imposition Devices
Skull Identification Process

Better planning always leads a better work. By having an experienced expert team they will always assure a better workflow process over the period. This helps you to on-time and better completion of the work. Work Flow Process for Skull Identification Research Proposal is determined as follows:

  • Acquisition & Pre-Processing
  • Extracting Features
  • Skull Face Overlay & Matching
  • Decision Making & Identification

Skull Identification Datasets

Face Matching

  • Matching the Skull with face images
  • Matching the Composite with face images

Ex: IdentifyMe: Skull & Face Image Database


  • Unsupervised Transform Learning
  • Semisupervised Transform Learning
  • Detection & Registration
Novel Interesting Skull Identification Research Projects

Top 6 Research Ideas in Skull Identification Research Projects

Some innovative and interesting works available in Skull Identification Research Proposal

  • Craniofacial Superimposition
  • Skull Based Authentication
  • Estimation of age in Forensic Anthropology
  • Skull Identification via correlation measures 
  • Machine Learning using a convolutional neural network
  • Computer-based superimposition by reconstructing & matching 3D faces to 3D Skulls

Our interest in our work always shows the dedication and fulfillment we have towards our work. Choosing the area as per your interest in addition choosing us will have an added benefit of your work. We always assure you of the uniqueness, innovativeness, and smartness in our work. We are always there to help, suggest, guide, and sort out the complex research areas into simple ones. Feel Free to call or write a mail to reach our experts to craft novel skull identification research proposal. We feel the warmth and are eager to respond to you.