Thesis on MANET Projects

Thesis on MANET Projects

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Now let’s have a glance of MANET for your reference,

Important Factors for Thesis Writing in MANET

  • About MANET
  • Properties of MANET
  • Routing protocols also for MANET
  • Quality of Service in MANET

             -Necessity of QoS in MANET

             -QoS metrics

             -QoS routing in MANET

             -Issues in QoS support over MANET

  • New protocols design
  • Research Issues
  • Simulation modeling and also configuration
  • Current trends in MANET

Recent Research Issues in MANET

  • Multiple accesses
  • Autonomous
  • Improve performance metric
  • Power management
  • Radio interface
  • Hybrid wireless networks
  • Clustering
  • Identity based cryptography
  • MANET reliability
  • Mobility prediction also with link stability
  • D2D security communications
  • Congestion control
  • Data security
  • Secure routing cryptanalysis
  • Energy consumption pattern and also Scalability
  • Multimedia traffic also in QoS frameworks
  • Wi-Fi direct research
  • Localization
  • Mobility management
  • Routing
  • Construction of mobility aware networks
  • Achieve QoS in MANET
  • Mobile mesh networks
  • Multicasting/Broadcasting
  • Fault tolerant system
  • Internetworking

Supported Software and Tool

  • MobiREAL
  • NetSim
  • Network simulator (ns)
  • OMNET++
  • QualNet
  • MANET simulator
  • Anite
  • MobiSim
  • ViSim
  • DIANEmu
  • Glomosim
  • GTNets

Purpose of the Software and Tool

  • MobiREAL: It is used to model and also simulate realistic mobility of nodes in MANET, Which is realistic network simulator
  • NetSim: Aloha, Slotted aloha, Ethernet-CSMA/CD, Fast Ethernet network protocols are also used to simulate
  • Network simulator (ns): Purposely also used for network research, this is discrete event simulator.
  • OMNET++: Mainly used for protocols, networks and also traffic modeling, this is open-architecture simulation environment
  • OPNET: Used to deploy and manage network infrastructure for predictive modeling and also designing
  • QualNet: Wireless and also wired network using modeling tool for work
  • MANET simulator: Used to simulate mobile Ad-hoc networks also using contains java library
  • Anite: It is MANET testing tool
  • MobiSim: Used to simulate mobility models also in mobile Ad-hoc networks MANET
  • ViSim: Performance analysis user-friendly graphical simulation tool
  • SWANS: Provide run time visualization and also GPSR implementation
  • DIANEmu: Java based generic simulation environment also for distributed protocols
  • Glomosim: Used to parallel discrete event simulation capability also in both wired and wireless network systems
  • GTNets: To enable GTNetS model inside SimGrid

Recent Research Topics

  • Cognitive MANET in presence of intentional jamming also using sensing policy assessment for distributed channel selection
  • Video streaming also using MANET routing protocol performance
  • Network coding in Manets also using social norm incentives
  • MANETs under general limited buffer constraint also using on performance modeling
  • Space environment in NS3 also using development of MANET network model
  • Network capacity enhancement also in multi-rate MANETs using delay-sensitive multicast protocol
  • Mobile Ad-hoc networks also using trust based energy efficient distributed monitoring
  • Wi-Fi based mobile ad hoc networks also using formal modeling of mobility
  • Internet-of-things enabled mobile networks using distributed and also adaptive medium access control
  • Resource allocation in dynamic multi-hop networks also with arbitration using game theoretic analysis
  • Mobile ad-hoc network also for rural communication enhancement
  • Load balancing in MANET also using ant based multipath backbone routing
  • Multimedia transmission in MANET also using cross layer based QoS platform

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