Thesis on MANET Routing Protocols

Thesis on MANET Routing Protocols

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Now we can see major protocols and recent research topics in MANET for your convenience,

Major Protocols in MANET

  • Adaptive link state protocol
  • Fisheye state routing protocol
  • Destination sequence distance vector routing protocol
  • Optimized link state also in protocol
  • Global state routing protocol
  • P2P construction protocol
  • Receiver directed transmission also in protocol
  • Delay-Sensitive multicast protocol
  • Discovery protocol
  • AOMDV protocol
  • Demand distance vector protocol
  • GRIDNET protocol
  • Light weight mobile routing also in protocol
  • Multi path routing protocol
  • Proactive and also in reactive routing protocols
  • Landmark ad hoc routing protocol
  • Multipath dynamic source routing (MDSR) protocol
  • Source tree adaptive routing (STAR) protocol
  • Ad- hoc on Demand distance vector (AODV) protocol
  • DSDV protocol
  • Ordered walk learning routing protocol
  • OLSR Routing protocol
  • Vector mobility modelover also in routing protocols
  • DYMO routing protocols
  • DSR routing protocols
  • Fuzzy also based adaptive cross layer routing protocol

Major Research Issues in MANET-Routing

  • Short route selection
  • Prevent DoS & MITM attacks
  • Data dissemination
  • Performance analysis (AIDV, DSDV and also OLSR)
  • Zone head selection
  • Node grouping
  • Congestion control
  • Alert protocol

MANET Attacks

  • Wormhole attack
  • Denial of service (DoS)
  • Battery exhaustion attack
  • RTS attacks
  • Lethal cyber attack
  • Sybil attack
  • Collusion attack
  • Stealthy cyber attack
  • Man-in-the-Middle attack
  • Emulation attacks
  • Jamming attacks
  • Black hole attack
  • Flash crowd also in attack
  • False data injection attack

Network Simulator Tools in MANET

  • Swans Simulator
  • GlomoSim
  • GTNETS [Georgia tech network simulator]
  • NS2, and NS3
  • QualNet
  • NetSim
  • OMNET++ [with INTERMANET framework]
  • JSim
  • Matlab
  • CSIM

Recent Research Topics

  • Video streaming also using MANET routing protocol
  • MANETs using performance comparison and also evaluation of the proactive and reactive routing protocols
  • Mobile ad-hoc network using the fitness function also with energy efficient multipath routing protocol
  • AODV in ad-hoc networks also using lightweight authentication based scheme
  • Social tie strengths and mobility plans also for routing in mobile Ad-hoc networks
  • Elliptic curve cryptography also with securing AOMDV protocol in mobile ad hoc network
  • Mobile ad-hoc networks also using mobility energy aware routing algorithm
  • Directional antennas in mobile ad hoc networks also with adaptive location-Aware routing
  • AODV using modified expanding ring search also in common node scenario
  • Multimedia transmission in MANET also using cross layer based QoS platform
  • Mobile ad hoc networks using security also using pre-existing routing
  • Network capacity enhancement in multi-rate MANETs also using delay-sensitive multicast protocol
  • Malicious node detection & removal scheme in MANETs also with cluster and reputation based cooperative
  • Minimize data transfer delay also in mobile ad-hoc networks using refined hamming distance technique

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