Networking Projects in Ns2

Networking Projects in Ns2

    Networking Projects in Ns2 provide you latest and creative ideas to shine your research career successfully. Our professionals are highly talented and experience in this research field, providing high-quality solutions for many research issues. We have the capacity to handle any type of networking projects or your own networking concepts that we also provide feasible accomplishment within a stipulated time

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Networking Projects in NS2 simulator Online Projects in Ns2

    Networking Projects in Ns2 offer you plenty of innovative ideas to enhance your future brightly. We frequently exposed our latest and innovative ideas through our online pages also for your convenience. We also concentrate all the networking research areas like wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, cognitive radio networks, etc.

Initially, we have discussed 1000+ topics with you for your betterment if you choose any relevant topics from it or if you have any own topics that we provide full guidance at your end of research completion. We tie-up with a large number of universities and colleges to provide research guidance also for studentsLet’s see some of the research issues and benefits of Ns2 for your reference,

Research Ns2 Issues

  • Performance issues: It is also a monolithic scheduler, which causes scalability constitutes a big issue. Ns2 projects in networking also using eliminating bottlenecks in the network
  • Architectural issues: Difficult to share the code of network models, it is also not really a modular architecture.
  • Evaluation issues: Ns2 is not supporting also for the trace analysis
  • Reliability: Responding to hardware and also software malfunctions which is making sure the network is available to users
  • Security: To ban unauthorized users in network this is protected and also ensures security before access.
Ns2 allows to model and evaluate several IP networking systems (LAN/WAN). It includes
  • Queue management algorithms (e.g. RED, FIFO, Fair, Deficit round-robin etc.)
  • Routing management algorithms (e.g. LAN routing, broadcasts etc.)
  • Network link models (e.g. Lossy link, wired link, wireless link and also Satellite link)
  • In Network protocols model (e.g. MAC, Routing etc.)
  • Network applications model (e.g. FTP, CBR etc.)
  • Protocol support (Routing, multicast and also IP protocols)

Benefits of our Projects in Ns2

  • Received alerts later but failure occurred earlier
  • Networking tools are also reliable to do Ns2 projects
  • Providing time to fix a potential problem before it escalates and also affects the business
  • Helps to get great accuracy in networking and the efficiency of the network operations can also be improved by it
  • Quickly identifying and changing, fixing network problems which helps Ns2 projects in networking also increased the overall availability of the network
  • It provide possibility to freely modify the existing Ns2 code also based on each user’s needs
  • It offer advantages to share network models also for research/ education purposes

Other Simulation Tools

  • OMNET++
  • JiST
  • NS3
  • NetSim
  • REAL
  • QualNet

Recent Research Topics

  • Future IoT applications using secure signature also based authenticated key establishment scheme
  • Stability and bifurcation analysis using TCP also with virtual queue management policies
  • Monitoring critical infrastructures in bridges also using evaluation of a prototype wireless sensor
  • Space also using delay tolerant network
  • Optimized performance in mobile ad hoc networks also using modified AODV energy aware routing


              We also believe that the abovementioned information is enough to get crisp knowledge about Projects in Ns2. Apart from Ns2, we also have to provide other simulators like Ns3, OPNET, OMNET++, etc. Please let us also know if any further information is required. Our professionals are also waiting to communicate with you and clarify your doubts.

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