Thesis Topics for Computer Science in Networking

Thesis Topics for Computer Science in Networking

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Thesis Topics for Computer Science in Networking

  Thesis Topics for Computer Science in Networking offer you novel ideas to shine your research career successfully. We provide support for research scholars and students through Thesis Topics for Computer Science in Networking service successfully and prepare them for vive voce. We are sure that your will be satisfied with our high standard and thorough services. Our objective is to improve student’s skills in the field of networking. We support various network domains like WSN, MANET, VANET, and Cognitive are network etc. We designed our services for undergraduate (BE, BTech etc.), Post graduate (ME, MTech etc.) and PhD/MS research scholars. We often explore our innovative concepts through our organized seminars, workshops, conference and faculty training program to the world. Let’s see the major research areas in networking for your review,

Major Research Area in Networking:

  • Mobile networking
  • Next generation internet
  • Data center networking
  • Energy and networking
  • Software defined networking
  • Soft computing and networking
  • Antennas, propagation, interference
  • Applied cryptography
  • Broadband and multimedia technologies
  • Network design & optimization
  • Smart grid and green communications
  • Storage area networks
  • Statistics signal analysis
  • Protocol architecture and applications
  • Mobile computing
  • Telecom software development
  • Sensors networks
  • Trust management in computing and communications

  Let’s see the fourth generation 4G network features and simulators tools support,

Features of 4G:

  • Better scheduling techniques and call admission control
  • QOS requirements using for seamless switching and services
  • Scalable mobile networks, service portability and global mobility
  • High capacity, High speed and Low cost per bit
  • Ad hoc networks and multi-hop networks
  • Wireless internet, broadband services, video, voice and interactive multimedia supports

4G Applications:

  • 4G Tele-Medicine
  • 4G high definition video on demand
  • 4G data intensive interactive user services
  • 4G Ultra high speed internet access
  • 4G Multiple user video conferencing
  • 4G multiple user video conferencing
  • 4G Location based services

4G Network Simulators:

  • Broadband Wireless Simulator

 -Users to define scenarios of varying nature with provides high flexibility

  • Normally scenarios are used to get several performance figures like spectral efficiency, throughput etc and topology of cellular system
  • For wide range of LTE RAN scenarios using advanced 4G wireless system simulator, in the presence of noise and interference

4G Network Emulator [Valid 8 4G LTE Network Emulator]:

  • Cost effective solution and Ultra-portable
  • 4G network emulation and load testing using comprehensive solution
  • Complete emulated EPC and IMS layer support
  • Real web browsing facilities with real UE devices for options to use real eNodeB


  • The simulation of LTE networks using veins, It is the extension of Veins LTE
  • The complex system level performance evaluation of LTE and LTE advanced network using SimuLTE simulation tool
  • SimuLTE and veins LTE used to simulate 4G networks in OMNET++
  • It is written in C++ and it is a component and modular based simulator


  • 4G networks using Ns3 LTE model for open simulation environment
  • The simulation of IP and Non IP based networks using Ns3 open source discrete event simulator


  • Ns2 in LTE networks must be used LTE patch to simulate
  • To simulate both wired and wireless networks this is open source network simulator


  • It is written in C/C++. Provide simulation environment for various networks which is an commercial simulator
  • LTE network simulation using LTE specialized model


  • Accomplishing simulation of 4G networks using LTE library
  • Used for real communication networks such as a testing , planning and training tool, which is a commercial simulator

Major Research Issues:

  • Security issues
  • Ad hoc interface issues
  • Multiuser estimation and detection
  • Congestion prevention, detection and recovery
  • Mobility management like location registration, handover and paging
  • Seamless roaming and Seamless transfer of service
  • Smart antennas and complex error control techniques
  • Multi access timing, recovery and interface
  • End to end delay, controlled delay and controlled load balancing for QOS
  • Higher noise due to reduced power levels and intra cell interference
  • Sophisticated signal processing with dynamic routing
  • Voice over multi hop networks
  • Variable QOS services using new IP protocol
  • According to the changing conditions dynamic adaptation of networking protocols
  • Network discovery
  • Access technologies
  • Network architectures
  • Network conditions
  • Billing and charging

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